Hi I’m Sue-Anne

Raucous laugher, coffee loving Life & Leadership Coach fascinated by neuro-science.

I help women leaders & business owners over 40 achieve work-life balance and find their way again to clarity, confidence & contentment, inside the online Do Stuff Differently coaching membership, and in one-on-one coaching.. 

You’re only one reconstructed thought away from breakthrough and work-life harmony. So take action now, because you’re worth it!


Free training series:

How to get more clarity, confidence & contentment in 3 easy steps

I’m on a mission

To challenge women to lead her best life by doing stuff differently.

I’ve lost my spark and sense of self. I know that something needs to change, but I don’t know where to start.

Help me get more clarity, confidence & contentment and shift from self-doubt to self-belief.

I’m overwhelmed at work & home but want to try something new.

Help me set this year up for success by having a clear plan on what I should do next.



I’m really busy at work & home often forget about my needs and plans.

Help me get momentum on making the changes in my life, so that I can lead the life I love.


Hi there, lovely

I’m looking forward to seeing you in my community.

I love finding creative ways to engage you and have an unapologetic curiosity about what makes people tick.

I strive to consistently show up for you, so that you know there is always someone here that believes in you – even if your struggling to back yourself!  

Together, we’ll have the courage to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone so that we improve our thinking and have more confidence, clarity and contentment. 

Beyond being a coffee snob, and having a really loud infectious laugh, I love wine, cheese,  technology, fancy markers & an old fashioned paper diary. And feel the most creative when all these are combined!

My superpower is ‘reading between the lines’, and knowing what has been unsaid.

My CliftonStrengths34 are individualisation, achiever, learner, communication & strategic and my MBTI profile is ENFJ. Read more…