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Couldn’t get others to do what I needed them to do.

I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the notion that I couldn’t get people to do what I needed them to do, nor could I get the best out of them.

I now understand myself and others better.

Sue-Anne has the ability to bring the best out of people, help them improve and help managers do the same with their team.

I have a better work life balance, have learnt to let go and delegate job responsibility.

People I work with closely are happier, better developed and more functional. I am no longer frustrated. I’m more relaxed at work, and at home.

– Jacki, Senior Manager

Stuck in a rut, unable to move forward.

I was underwhelmed with my life, professionally and personally.  I was feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. My skills were not valued and my opinions didn’t matter.

My life has changed when I acknowledged where I am and that I have the power to change my situation and move forward.  I now take time to consider, process, acknowledge and address my thoughts. 

I now have direction and believe that my goals are achievable. I’m happier and so are the people around me.  

– S.L, Finance Manager

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