Reset your life

Coaching week

This is for you if you feel stuck, overwhelmed or full of self-doubt, and you want something to be different at work or home. But you don’t quite know where to start.

You’re also ready to meander up the exit ramp of your comfort-zone and try something new and different.

You’ve may not have experienced expert coaching before (or it’s been a while), and you want to see how using proven techniques based on neuroscience works.

You’re ready to make yourself a priority, take action, and explore the possibilities that the future will bring as you enable change at work and home.

During this guided coaching process, you’ll lay down the foundations for your best year yet, and walk away with:

  • Know your base including your strengths & values. This will be your compass & lifeline when your journey seems too hard.
  • Build your vision of what you want in the next 12 months. This is the destination you’re heading for, turning dreams into reality.
  • Plot your roadmap that includes a 12 month life-plan outlining the goals that will get you to the vision. These are your signposts that confirm you’re on the right road.
  • Live your now by intentionally taking action, achieving incremental success and staying focussed on the next step in front of you. This is your journey and torchlight that helps you keep on track.
  • Design your future by identifying your purpose and the bigger cause you stand behind. This is your north star that helps you when the torchlight fades.

5 day coaching-moments challenge

Each day for 5 day’s you’ll receive a coaching moment that will take you through the details of the Intentional Achiever Method (IAM). This is the five stage coaching process that will set you up for success in the next 12 months.

Help at your fingertips

This is your journey, and you’ll have interests that are specific to the improvements you want to make. You’ll have access to my online system of resources, coaching actions and community.

You have a secure private area where you can comment, journal & take notes. There is an extensive library of downloadable coaching tools on a range of topics. 

Proven success path

Progress through the proven success path based on neuro-science. The IAM Learning Hub will set you up for success by providing an understanding of the 5 stages of success and the next step you need to take.

Lost your way? No problem. Hop into the IAM hub, complete a short quiz, and it’ll tell you the stage and next action that will send you on your way again!

Help when you need it most

During the week you’ll have a thought, idea or issue that you need to bounce around. Leave me a message, or book a quick call and I’ll be your sounding board.

 I get it, sometimes you just need to chat to someone! You will receive 15 coaching minutes. We’ll use a messaging app or zoom.

Challenge your thinking

Keep move closer to your vision and goals. Check in on your progress, learn about a new technique, and take the opportunity to have a coaching-conversation to help you get unstuck.   

Once you complete the 5 days of coaching moments, you’ll be eligible to attend a Group Coaching session for free (valued $125), A replay is also provided in case you miss it. 

Brain-booster tips from neuroscience

And of course, what would a coaching moment be without me providing you with knowledge on how your brain works! You’ll learn the lastest thinking in neuroscience and the tools and techiques are brain friendly too!

Wisdom of like-minded women

You’ll be able to draw on the collective wisdom of the community within the Coaching Hub. There is also a Facebook group to if this is your preferred community connection option.

Live up to your promises

You’ll finally be able to keep build a better life at home and work, by keeping the promises you make to yourself. The community and I are here to cheer you on, support you every step of the way, and to show you tough love when you need it. 

Maintain momentum

I’m here to help you get the best out of this experience. Keep a look out in your inbox, because I’ll be there supporting you too, providing just in time prompts and reminders to make sure you maintain momentum. 

Join now for AU$15

(approx USD10 or GBP6)