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For individuals, teams and organisations who are over  ‘death by powerpoint’ meetings, workshops & training.

Learn about my visual storytelling techniques, unplugged workshops and meetings.

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Clarify your message

Is your message getting lost?
Are you sick of ‘death by powerpoint?

Do you have a complex idea to get across?


Visual storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. 80% of people gather information visually.
And people retain 65% of what they see.

Visually storytelling activates more areas of the brain,
which leads to stronger neural pathways and memory.

When used as part of a group process, it forms explicit group memory and leads to a higher consensus rate of 79%

(Adapted from Visual Language, Global Communication for the 21st Century. Robert E Horn.)

What Is Visual Storytelling?

What's visual story telling?

It goes by many names. Including graphic facilitation, graphic narration, sketch-noting, and infographics.

It is a technique that that tells the collective story of a group or summarises a complex idea, visually. Through photos, drawing graphics, and other visual media.

How is it used?

It’s the fundamental of marketing, and has been around for centuries.

I use it in a different way. To help make sense of this complex world we live in. Particularly in the team or corporate environment.

I use it in workshops, meetings, and also online.

I have a bespoke drawing style, and use it in a variety of ways including on paper, on wall charts, and in digital assets such as animations. 

When should it be used?

The technique can be used when you are taking notes in meetings (often called sketch-noting), when you are collectively gathering ideas in meetings (such as when you are using a whiteboard or flipchart), and when you are training others or facilitating a workshop.

Example work

Services offered

Teach the technique

This service is for you if you have a group of people that want to learn my drawing style for wall charts or flip charts.  

1 Day Training Session
max 10 participants

(Venue, travel & accommodation not included)

Workshop facilitation

This service is for you if you have an upcoming team event or workshop to be visually recorded & facilitated.

Starts at

(Venue, travel & accommodation not included)

Infographic or Animation

This service is for you if you have a complex idea that you would like visually represented in an info-graphic or animation.


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