Raucous laugher, coffee loving, wine swilling Life & Leadership Coach

Hey there, I´m Sue-Anne

I have a coffee name which I don’t like, but it’s easier to tell strangers my name is ‘Sue’ because they always get Sue-Anne wrong!

I’m a mum, grandma, wife, sister to 3 sisters and I love my life.

I’m also on a mission to impact 1m people by transforming communities from the inside out, 1 woman at a time

So you could say that I have that sense of urgency to achieve my mission because now that I’m over 50 time is precious. 

And just like most women leaders & business owners over 40, I want my next half of my life to mean something. I want to build a legacy that my friends and family will be proud of. 


Postively Impacting 1m People 

When I was 25 I had a dream, and this dream kept playing in my mind throughout my life. I didn’t quite know what it meant, until one day, I had a wake up call. 

I was really frustrated at work. I felt that I had hit the glass ceiling and the glass floor! I really loved working with my clients, but that wasn’t enough. I knew staying in this job limited any future career prospects. 

At the same time I think I was having a mid-life crisis. My kids had flown the coup and had moved on to live their own lives. My husband was also thinking about retirement and this was and still is a long way off my mind. 

To top it off my colleague had a health scare in her family, and she gave me some sage advise ‘life is too short, do what you love, now. While you still have the opportunity’. 

These events nudged me up the exit ramp of my comfort zone toward helping my husband fulfil his life-long dream to hit the road and travel around Australia. Which to be honest, scared the hell out of me

But then, I had the flashback to that dream. 

In the dream I was on a stage with a sea of people in front of me. Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, children all gathering in small groups. 

As I looked over the crowd I could see happiness and harmony all around. The women were looking back at me with a sense of certainty and contentment. They had a knowing. A knowing that they had contributed to the positive impact on the community gathering around them.  

I finally understood that I was meant for more. That I was put on this earth to give women skills and knowledge to also have a positive impact on others, and to create meaning in their own lives.

So I took the nudges as a sign that it was time to quit my job and bring that dream into reality. I hit the road with my husband on Girty our mobile home. 

And used that time to channel my $3,500 per day consulting experience and love of neuro-science to develop world-class coaching resources and methods so that I bring this knowledge to you. Without the hefty price tag!

And That, My Lovely, Is Why I’m Here Ready To Serve You!

A Synopsis

So that you know I have the street cred to do what I do, here’s a quick career highlight.

I’ve been an internationally accredited coach via International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2016. The gold standard of coaching.

Historically I’ve worked in the corporate world as a change & communications manager, leadership development expert and coach for over 20 years.

The last 4 years of my corporate career was with a boutique organisational transformation company, and yep, my charge out rate was $3,500 per day!

So I know a thing or two. And I know my strengths really well, which helps me help you!


The ability to ‘read between the lines’ intuitively knowing what that individual need to hear or say.


An intensity & stamina to help others achieve and get things done in the shortest amount of time.


Curiosity that leads to continual learning so that I can challenge others with contemporary ‘outside the box’ thinking.


Boldness to say what needs to be heard (in a gentle compassionate way, of course), and the wisdom to know when to shut up!


Creativity that leads to quick discovery of relevant patterns or problems and alternative ways to proceed.

My Clifton Strengths34 top five strengths are: Individualisation, Achiever, Learner, Communication & Strategic.

My Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a questioning ENFJ.


My Values & Beliefs


Curiosity paves the way to learning something new. It also restrains judgment.

It is like a kitchen mix master or Thermomix with all the attachments. It gets the job done in almost all the situations. It is easy to access once you decide to leave it out on your bench!

I believe the world would be a better place if we all entered into a conversation with curiosity. No personal agendas. No judgement. 


To me, creativity is about trying the new and different. To be open to new ideas, and willing to then test them in new ways.

I believe everyone is creative. It just takes imagination and a willingness to experiment to spark new connections. 


I love Mark Twains saying “courage is not the absence of fear, its acting in spite of fear’.

I believe there would be far less stress in the world if human kind had courageous conversations with those around them.

And if they had the courage to do stuff differently!

Quick Facts

Things I love to do in life


Laugh loudly and often.


I used to hate camping. Still do unless its glamping in Girty.


I love cooking and have a secret food blog on this website.

Click here to view it.


Spending time with my blended family of 4 adult children, 3 grandchildren.


Reading and watching crime fiction.

I can’t watch the gore! So spend parts of movies/tv with my eyes closed.


I can´t live without good coffee.


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