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Helping women Leaders & Business Owners Over 40 Achieve Work-Life Balance And Impact. Without adding more stress in their time-poor day.

So that they can reconnect with who they are with clarity, confidence & contentment.

Are you drowning in a never ending list of to do’s?
Wondering when you’ll have time for you?
Download the 5 Keys to Unlocking The Work-Life Balance Conundrum.

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Free download: 5 Keys To Unlocking The Work-Life Balance Conundrum

I’m On A Mission

To challenge women leaders & business owners to do stuff differently.

So that they can lead their best life and have a bigger impact.


Weekly Self-Coaching Tips

Receive weekly tips that will inspire & challenge you to achieve work-life balance and reconnect with who you are.

Coaching & Mentoring

Personalised guidance through work and life dilemma’s so that you gain clarity and confidence to lead your best life yet!

Events & Workshops

If you’re ready to meander up the exit ramp of your comfort zone and do stuff differently, check out my upcoming free & paid online events.

Hi there lovely!

Does this sound like you? 


You want your life to have more meaning

You want to life a life of purpose, and build a legacy that your family and friends would be proud of.


You're working long hours pleasing other people

It’s exhausting, stressful and overwhelming at times. It leaves little time to focus on the things that are important to you.


You possibly feel dissatisfied with work or life relationships

Others don’t understand your area of expertise or what it’s like being a woman leader or business owner. At times you feel isolated and lonely.


Sometimes you feel like an imposter

Quite honestly, you feel like you’ve got where you are by ‘faking it until you make it’. And you’re just waiting for the day when you fail and people realise you’re not good enough..

…then my community is just right for you!