#122 | Keeping Calm Under Pressure

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This just happened to me! 

I completely lost it… 

 Boy, today did I have to put everything that I learned into practice.

 I’m going to share with you how to keep calm under pressure.

….and tell you the three tricks that I have to use today to make keep myself calm when I was under considerable pressure.

The back story…

So the backstory is that I went to my website today and I had found that unbeknownst to me, my plan had dropped down to a free plan, which meant that my website looked totally crap.

 And being an online business, obviously my website is very important to me. 

 It wasn’t pretty…

 I went into meltdown mode.

The emotion didn’t just ripple, it was leaking and nearly got to the stage where it’s tightly spilling out.

The floodgates even started our opening.

Tears coming down my face.

I had to muster up everything I know about keeping calm when you’re under pressure.

 Because I had that great big loud voice in my head going,

You idiot, you’ve stuffed it up.

And then I had this little quiet little voice going,


don’t worry about it. You’ve got this, you know what to do.

You’ve created the website from scratch.

You’ll be fine. Just work through the issues one by one.

 But then the great big voice was going.


No, you’re an idiot. 

You should have known that this was going to happen.

You’re never going to be able to fix it.


 Three strategies I used

 The three strategies I used to quieten down that inner voice and calm myself down:

  1. Really hone in and listen to that quiet voice telling me are my Chi. I have this, I can fix it.
  2. Do some deep breathing. Often we breath shallow, high in our lungs. But if you breath from the diaphragm like singers, actors and professional speakers do, it calms your parasympathetic system down and it reduces the speed at which your heart is racing. Which means that you can think a little bit more clearly because you haven’t got so much physiologically going on. So I just paused and took a few really deep breaths, calmed myself down.
  3. Get myself off that try harder cycle. The try how the cycle is when your doing the same thing I over and over again and not getting any where. And often we get so frazzled and emotionally out of control that we just keep repeating the same mistakes. So as I was calming myself down, I had been trying a few different things, but I was trying the same things. So I stopped, looked through the things logically that I had already tried and found an avenue that I hadn’t tried before and it worked. It still took me a little while to get my website back up to ship shape, but I did it! 

Give these strategies a go next time you feel yourself losing control!