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Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance

The most comprehensive 12 week personalised program that will transform your work and life by giving you clarity on the very next BEST step!

So that you can focus on the things that are important to YOU and lead your best life.

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Summary of inclusions

Reclaim Work-Life Balance Portal

(Valued at $2495)

Module 1: Reconnect with who you are

Explore the little known fundamentals of the brain, and why these are critically important when striving for work life balance.

  • Know exactly how to identify the vital few outcomes that really matter to work & life.
  • Identify your uniqueness and the real you. The woman you are when you’re not people pleasing or trying to live up to the expectation of others.
  • Deeply connect to why you want work-life balance and understand that magnificent mind of yours so that you can use it’s super-power to stay motivated. 

Module 2: Create a clear work-life-legacy success path

You’ll create a clear do-able path to achieving work-life balance, proving it to yourself in simple wins every day that you can do it, and that you were meant for more! 

  • Implement my Hallmarks for Success method to break down your success into easy micro-actions.
  • Apply the little know brain-facts that will make any dream do-able.
  • Develop your work-life-legacy success path so that you know exactly what the very next BEST step is.

(Valued at $1,200)

Module 3: Exit your comfort zone with confidence

You’ll learn creative brain hacks that will give you the courage and confidence to keep going even when the going gets tough. 


  • Use the 4-Step brain friendly approach to easily accelerate the pace that you’re moving up the exit ramp of your comfort zone.
  • Discover the hidden power within the brain that will have you paying attention on the things that matter most to you.
  • Learn how to achieve results consistently, and what that has to do with riding a bicycle.

Module 4: Think intentionally and tame your inner critic

Repeated unhelpful thoughts become a habit. Just like driving a car, you no longer consciously think about them.  

  • Uncover your hidden thoughts and inner critic that hold you back from the results you deserve.
  • Discover the secrets of social threats and fears and how you can use this knowledge as a super-power to deepen your relationships.
  • Learn 5 proven techniques to change unhelpful thinking, resolve self-doubt and stop overthinking.

Module 5: Construct meaningful emotions and stay calm under pressure

Emotion is an early warning system that something’s not quite right. Hone in on this beacon to circumvent emotional events escalating out of control! 

  • Discover how to instantly stop emotion from flooding out of control so that you don’t say things in the heat-of-the-moment that you regret later.
  • Learn how to naturally use emotional language to communicate in a better way so that you’re positively impacting others.
  • Add 12 calming techniques to your wellbeing first-aid kit that you can apply anytime you need it.

Module 6: Form deliberate habits that empower you to achieve consistent results

Now it’s time to pull all that you’ve learnt together, so that you can consistently achieve the results in your work-life-legacy success path.  


  • Apply my Wheel of Balance method to increase wellbeing & hone work-life balance even further.
  • Become more intentional in the way you implement your work-life-legacy success path so that you embed powerful habits and free up even more time.
  • Add 3 productivity techniques to your resources kit that you can easily apply anytime you feel life is getting out of control again.

Bonus 1: Private One-On-One Coaching

1-hour jump-start clarity call you’ll discover what work-life balance actually means to you and the vital few activities in work and life that can deliver the work-life results your after.

Plus additional 1-hour get unstuck coaching credits you can use in  15-minute increments to get unstuck or to find further clarity within the 12 weeks.

(Valued at $1,200)

Bonus 2: Support & Implementation

12 weekly group coaching sessions online in a small group setting.

3 months access to additional group coaching resources shared in the coaching sessions and access to the replays.

(Valued at $1,995)

Bonus 3: World-class coaching toolkit

Lifetime access to the curated deep-dive toolkit. It’s packed full of research articles, recommended books, podcast episodes, worksheets, templates, guides and more.

(Valued at $995)

Bonus 4: Community connection

A safe space to talk about the real issues you are facing. The community of like-minded women have often had similar experiences or thought similar thoughts to you.

(Valued at $1,295)

Bonus 5: Coaching-hub access

You’ll also have an easy way of contacting me and keeping track of your progress through my Coaching-Hub system.

You can keep track of coaching appointments, your weekly actions, create  whiteboards, share files, and take notes. when we’re having coaching conversations.

A Personal Committment

I’m so looking foward to working with you further. I’m committed to giving you the best experience, and that’s why I cap the number of women I work with. I promise you, you won’t get lost in the crowd! 

Sue-Anne xx

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