Chuck a U-I-E on that L-I-E

by | Apr 14, 2021 | 0 comments

Most people believe that they will never be able to live their best life at work and home, so they’ve stopped dreaming of a better life.

We all have those people in our lives that have a fixed mindset who unwittingly go about life trying to burst everybody else’s bubble.

They tell us things like stop dreaming. It’ll never happen or you can’t afford that or I know someone that’s tried that and it never works.

The one that I really love is no one loves working – it’s a necessary evil to pay the bills.

This is a lie, a limited idea experience, as the author Jim Kwik puts it, because we all know that we can dream and create a better life for ourselves.

After all, goals are dreams with deadlines. We know if we shift our thinking, we shift our lives. this is the essence of the Do Stuff Differently Effect.

So let’s chuck a U-ie. in Australia, a U-ie means u turn.

Let’s turn that lie that limited idea experience into a U-ie, an unlimited idea experienced.

Let’s shift our thinking to shift our lives.

This is exactly what I did in 2017. You see, I’ve been telling myself that limited idea that I don’t like camping, and I have no interest in travelling around Australia in a camper van.

But my husband, Charlie, has always had this dream. one day when he was away visiting his mum in New Zealand in January, it was roughly generally January 2018.

Something just clicked. actually, it was a friend saying to me, live life while you have your health. Her husband had been critically ill, and she’s put so many off our own dreams on hold.

At that point, it really made me think.

I remember that AHA moment. The moment it click for me.

My thoughts went from it’s not me, I hate camping and I love working, to how might I do this?

By November 2018, we had set out to live the dream, and it was the most amazing experience. the sunshine, the seaside campsites, fresh air, doing what we wanted when we wanted.

It was a life that most people only dream off. I had to shift my thinking, which shifted my life entirely. I now love camping. okay, it’s really glamping. So I’ve got a beautiful, great big buss with all the  services, even a dishwasher!

But we do get away as often as we can while we work toward our next dream of living in the countryside. Another thing I thought I would never do it’s now time for you to take action and live that dream to be more intentional.

Don’t look back in 20 years from now and say I wish I had done that. prove it to yourself and the people that you love, that dreams can come true if you put a deadline to it and plan out how you’re going to reach that goal.

So, are you ready to chuck a U-IE and start living your best life and live the dream that you thought that you were told you you could never bay shift you thinking and shift your life?

You’re only one reconstructed thought away from that breakthrough.

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