Leverage neuroscience

to change your life

— within 84 days–

do stuff differently

while also positively impacting the life of others,
without them even knowing it!

(Shift from feeling trapped as a ‘people pleaser’, full of inner turmoil & drained of energy to feeling energised, in control and at peace with who you are) 

with Confidence & assertiveness BONUS course

If you’re busy leading  a team and household…
looking to bring out the best in everyone,  then you probably already
know it takes determination and a strong work ethic to get stuff done 

So I will spare you the spiel.

  • No need to be a broken record to convince you of something that’s etched in your mind since you were a little girl.

  • After all you probably already know that when you get stuff done, you feel more focussed and in control

  • You’ve probably also noticed that when you get things done you have the sense of accomplishment.

Heres what you might not know

Even though your determination and strong work ethic is getting stuff done, leveraging the latest thinking in neuroscience means you can:

Take the negative automatic thinking off autopilot

Let’s face it! On the outside others think you have it all together. That you’re super woman. You seemingly rise to the challenges of work and home life with ease.

But on the inside, you tell yourself a different story. Like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m an impostor‘, ‘What if they find me out?’.

Knowing the science of why you tell yourself a different story puts you in charge of your thinking so that you feel on the inside like you feel on the outside.

Say what you want to say

You would have noticed that there are times where you have absolute clarity in what you are thinking, and what you are saying.

And there are times when clarity escapes you. And you say things that you don’t mean to. You wish you could start the conversation again. But it’s too late. You’ve blurted it out.

Imagine being able to think clearly all the time! This is what learning about the brain does. It gives you tools and courage to say what you need to say!

Feel more confident

You know there are situations where you feel more confident than others.

And there are times where you are just dying on the inside. Fear not only takes over on the inside, you’re shaking on the outside too.

Knowing the neuroscience behind fight, flight or freeze response and how it impacts emotions will put you in the driver’s seat so that eventually, like learning to drive a car, confidence will be automatic. 

Achieve more in your life

When you are so focussed on the needs and wants of others, and picking up the pieces they leave behind, you know that it comes at a cost. And that cost is achieving what you want, and what you need. 

I get it, the habit of just getting it done, in spite of the commitment that others give, makes you feel accomplished. But this is short term thinking. Eventually the team will move onto greener pastures, or the kids will grow up to live their own life. And where does that leave you?

Deeply knowing who you are, your why, what you think and how you feel – not only plays to the strengths of that wonderful, under-utilised tool you have within (your brain!), it also helps you achieve more of what you want. You will feel more fulfilled and happier.

Motivate others to do what you want them to do

You know that determination and strong work ethic gets things done. But let’s be honest. Getting things done means you getting things done. Because after all, you’re a people pleaser.

Others sit on the sideline and watch you do stuff. You continually rescue your team and family from their commitments or obligations. You keep telling yourself that ‘doing it myself is easier. There’s no arguments. And it gets done to my standard’. 

Knowing about the brain gives you insight into why you do what you do. Why all these excuses. And it teaches you how to motivate yourself and others to change. Imagine what it will be like not having to nag someone ever again!  

Even though the motivation to make change in your life is clear,

the path to actually do this anything but!

Make a change in your life? Awesome!

But how the heck do I do it?

You already feel trapped in busy-work, the stuff you are doing for others. It leaves you exhausted and on the inside resentful and angry that others don’t help you out. You’re frustrated  because you feel you should have the know-how. You’re disappointed   in yourself, because you feel that you should know how to fix this. And you want to fix it for others.

In that lowest moment, perhaps you’ve googled ‘self improvement’ or ‘motivate others’ or ‘get family to help around the house’ or ‘team development’.

You’ve probably also read self-development books too like Brene Brown’s ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ or  ‘Daring Greatly’ or ‘Dare to Lead’.

You’ve possibly also rallied the courage to try changing things for yourself, and also tried getting others on board. But it’s just not working.

And here’s why it’s not working:

There are underlying, often long held beliefs that are holding you back. Often you don’t even notice them!

Your brain hard wires the repeated things you tell yourself time and time again. Afterall its sole purpose is survival. And it can conserve energy by automating your thoughts.

And voila! You have an ingrained belief. You become a victim of your own thoughts without even realising it!

So, when making a change, when the road gets tough, your brain has popped you automatically back on that comfortable pathway (the ingrained belief) and you are back where you started.

But luckily for you, your brain is also a well-oiled, well connected machine. And when you have the education  on how the brain works when making a change, you have the step-by-step roadmap to do stuff differently. And make it stick!

And once you know all this, you will be able to avoid the mistakes that others are making.

Ignoring your inner turmoil

Changing things on the outside such as the things you do, the things you say, and other behaviours, isn’t particularly complicated.

It is at this point many of us push down that feeling of unease even deeper.

But if you haven’t dealt with that inner turmoil, feeling or story you have been telling yourself, the outward change will be unsustainable.  The deeper you push down that feeling of unease, the more volatile the emotion will become. And one day, you will totally loose your cool. You’ll snap.

You see, that sense of unease with your life is your brain’s way of telling your that something is not quite right. It’s also the way that the brain starts to protect you. To tell you it’s time to fight, flight or freeze. Not dealing with that inner turmoil is a ‘flight’ response. It’s a way of running away from the thing that scares you most.

By tackling this change from the outside and the inside by changing the way you think and, the change becomes sustainable. Because we know that: 

Your thinking creates emotion,

which impacts behaviour & belief,

and these impact the results you get.


Trying harder by doing more stuff

Have you heard that saying ‘doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results is a sign of insanity’?

Often people fall into the second insane trap when wanting to make a change, and that is to do more stuff, instead of doing stuff differently.

What happens in the brain is that it gets overloaded. Overwhelmed, so to speak. You end up taking on so many new ideas that you’re brain hits fatigue and you can’t keep pushing forward. You feel exhausted. You hit stale mate. 

Your brain is a powerful thing. It makes over 2,000 conscious and sub-conscious decisions every minute. No wonder it hits a deadlock when you add another thing to the list.

And sometimes you just haven’t given it a chance to make that stronger connection. The answer is already waiting for you, but it is on your brain’s ‘tip of the tongue’, so to speak. Harness your thinking, to get really meta, you’re thinking about thinking. Before you know it, you’ve made a tweak to something you have already tried and you’re doing stuff differently!

Planning to fail or failing to plan

What? Planning to fail? I hear you say. Yep, you heard correctly. Or if your not a planner, you may have rolled your eyes right about now!

Here’s why planning is important. Your brain likes structure and order. And it also releases the feel good drug called dopamine when we achieve things. When this happens, we activate lots of areas in your brain, and you learn to want those things more.

Planning in the right way makes the change more successful. But if you hate planning, don’t worry, I have your back. I have plenty of brain hacks to help you along the way.

And as far as planning to fail goes, I know that you don’t intentionally set out to fail. But this is the biggest mistake people make – it’s called self-sabotage. I have your back here too. You will learn to deal with the self-sabotage once and for all.  

Knowing why you want it

Many people focus on what they want to achieve, and how they will go about achieving it. This works in the short term – but when the going gets tough, it’s easy to give up.

We have two brain systems that help motivate us. And knowing how you are going to achieve it only activates one system. Knowing why you want it activates the other.



 Shh… I’m going to let you into a

 Even though people are making changes in the lives every day, it’s skewed towards mediocrity, or dare I say it – failure. 

 A few people will get the huge results that they want, while many others will not be able to sustain the change.

 And the main reason for this, as you have likely seen by now, is that they lack the understanding of how their brain works,  how thinking creates emotions, which impacts  behaviour & beliefs and these in turn impact the results they get.

 But as long as you can avoid the biggest pitfalls that sink most, the path is paved for you and the significant change you want to make in your life. 


One that allows you to think, feel, connect and engage differently. 

 One that is a game-changer for your life. 

 Because once you know this, you can apply it to all areas of your life. It will not impact you, but also positively impact the people around you.  

The key ingredient to all of this is 


Do stuff differently program 


 And with your permission, that’s what I ‘d love to show you how to do.



Do stuff differently program

leverage neuroscience to change your life

–within 84 days–

while also positively impacting the life of others. 

Shift from feeling trapped as a ‘people pleaser’,
full of inner turmoil & drained of energy to feeling energised,
in control and at peace with who you are.

I’ve taken everything that I have learned from neuroscience experts, positive psychology, and 20+ years being a leadership development expert and channeled it into a comprehensive step by step implementation program than not only teaches you about how your brain works, provides you all the education and support you need to make a lasting significant change in your life.

It’s the only 12 week implementation program of it’s kind that

not only shows you how to move past
feeling like you are a failure, overwhelmed, or full of self-doubt;

it shows you how to make lasting change in your life
so that you feel focussed, fulfilled and in control;

by leveraging the latest
in neuroscience to make that change stick.

You will…

So if you are ready to finally

do stuff differently

and make lasting change,  here’s how we’ll get you there:

Unlock the mystery of how to make lasting change, anytime.

The stage is set and you understand why 92% of people fail to make the sustainable change they are seeking.

 You’ll understand how your brain can work for you, and against you, unlocking the key to making sustainable change in your life. You will also know why your best friend had success with a change, but that same method didn’t work for you!

 Here, you will determine a change (or two or three!) that you want to achieve in the next 84 days, proving once and for all – with the right toolkit, that you can change anything!

 Learn the neuroscience behind change and the six fundamental principles about your brain that you MUST KNOW!

 You will have the key to unlock the mystery of why most change efforts fail, and know exactly what to do about it!

Use the Do Stuff Differently roadmap that walks you through how to change anything, anytime, and make the change lasting.


Learn the formula to achieve what you want, when you want.

Now that you have laid the foundations of how to make sustainable lasting change, and have identified changes that you want to make in your life, it’s time to start turn that desire for something new and different into reality.

In this module you will learn why SMART goals are not enough, and the art and science behind goal setting, goal pursuit and goal maintenance.

You will develop  achievable (yet simple) strategies to make sure you get to the end of the road and know what success feels and looks like. This is goal setting like you have never seen before!

 Learn the art and science of achieving anything by goal setting, and why SMART goals aren’t enough

 Craft 3 memorable goals that you just can’t wait to achieve! 

 Plot a simple and do-able action plan that will set you up for success.

Accelerate the rate of change by tapping into your ability to learn and remember more.

By now, you would’ve experienced the power of know how your brain works, and how this knowledge is a game changer.

The journey continues in this module, with a deeper dive into the inner workings of your brain and how you can optimise your ability to learn and remember more.

You will walk away with many simple tools that will accelerate your learning, and ultimately also accelerate the pace at which you can achieve your goals. Learn the neuroscience behind learning and memory that will help you accelerate the pace of change.

 Engage your whole brain in pursuit of the change you are wanting so that the new learnings stick.

 Use the secret sauce

Know the 5 reasons why people react the way they do, and use this as a superpower to build better relationships

At this stage, you will know a lot about the inner workings of your mind and what you learn in this one module will change your life for ever.

 You will gain a deeper understanding of the survival mechanisms in your brain, and how that affects every social interaction you have in some way shape or form.

You will be able to apply a model that will unpack why you think the way you do, and finally have to tools to control that inner critic – those voices in side your head telling you you’re not good enough, you’re worthless, and all the other unhelpful things you tell yourself on a day to day basis. 

 Learn what ‘Goldilocks’ fairy tale has to do with the brain and how it organises itself.

 Use a framework to understand what triggers the fight, flight and freeze response.

 Master thinking about thinking so you can control the thought traffic and gain greater clarity and focus than you have ever had before.

Regulate your emotion in any situation, and keep calm under pressure

With your new found knowledge of how your thinking is shaped, you now start bringing it all together to tame your inner critic, and start regulating your emotion. 

You’ll have a new found understanding of how your thinking does really impact your emotions. You’ll love the strategies you learn to keep calm under pressure, and stay calm and in control – even when your inner critic is screaming ‘RUN’. 

 Learn what is happening neuro-chemically when your emotion ripple, leaks or spills. 

 The 3 strategies to regulate emotion will become part of your everyday toolkit, not to just manage your emotion, but to help others too!

 Learn the secrets to keeping calm under pressure, whether that be when having a difficult conversation, when communicating with people that scare the living crap out of you, and even when put in situations where you have to speak in a public forum.

Turn action into habit, so that you don’t have to ever think about it again!

Now that you have a deeper understanding of how your brain works, how your thinking influences your feelings, and feeling influences behaviour, it’s time to get to the nitty gritty of  habits.

Because you also know that the brain is lazy, and likes to automate everything it can. It does this by forming habits.

Here you will identify the habits that are pulling you back to your ‘old ways’, and use some more brain hacks to stop the vicious cycle of never quite achieving the changes that you desire.

Even if you have had success in the past, and have made sustainable change, this module will break down why that success occurred, and how to repeat it, time and time again, so that that change, goal, new year’s resolution is never illusive again!

 Apply the attention density formula to increase the likelihood of embedding your new ideas  and creating sustainable change.

Implement your new found knowledge to turn conscious action into habit, so that you can move onto the next improvement you want to make.

Set implement intentions that will help you navigate the hurdles that life throws at you.






Take the ‘you’ve got this’ challenge

Sure, in Do stuff differently program you’re gonna be introduced to all the knowledge, tools and a roadmap which will guide you through making  sustainable change, every single time…

…divorcing yourself from that inner critic that keeps telling you that you’re a failure, not worth it, or that you can’t do it.

…into a new you who thinks, feels, connects & engages differently.

But unlike other programs, I don’t want you to wait 12 weeks before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing a result. Enrol right now, watch a few short lessons, and set yourself at least 1 audacious goal that challenges you and pushes you. One that lights you up every time you think of the end result.

 If you don’t feel like you’re well on your way to doing things differently, and are starting to think and feel differently, just let me know at [email protected] within 21 days of enrolment, hop on a call with me, and if you still can push through the thinking that is blocking you, I will give you back your investment.

Here is what’s included when you enrol today:

Do stuff differently program – AU$2495 value

Bonus 1 Finding your purpose and values course – value AU$495

Bonus 2 Exclusive Facebook group, 12 weeks of community and accountability – value AU$297

Bonus 3 10 online group coaching sessions – value $750

When you add all that up, that’s a value of $4,037

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:


Some questions you may be asking…

Q1 How can I afford this? I have so many other priorities

This is why I have done a 6 pay option. To lessen the financial burden. I get it, you put others ahead of your needs. But I know you’re worth the priority. And what’s even better than this – everything you learn in this program will impact others. You will be a more focussed, happier you who thinks, feels, connects and engages with others – differently.

Q2 What if I fail?

I have your back, and there is a community of people to support you. The reason why change has been so tough in the past is that you didn’t know the secrets of the brain that unlock the key to completing your goals every single time. And actually, isn’t it just as important to give things a go and possible fail, than to not try at all? I have many resources in this program that will help you stem the fear of failure – because that is your internal critic speaking!

In addition to that, you will have access to the exclusive Facebook group to ask questions from the community, and I will also be holding online group coaching calls – so I can help you out there. In addition there are 3 ‘immersion’ weeks where we take a break from receiving additional content. In these weeks, I will be holding regular ‘open office hours’ where I will be on line at various times during the week to help those that need a little more support.

Q3 I'm really busy, I don't know if I have the time to put into it. So how much time does it really take?

It depends on how deep you want to dive. To get through the lesson each week, it would take about 1 hour. To embed that learning further I would suggest you spend an additional 30 minutes completing the activities I set you each week. But that is entirely up to you!

And don’t forget, you can go at your own pace. You have lifetime access which means you can complete the program in a timeframe that is just right for you!

I have also planned 3 ‘immersion’ weeks throughout the program. This is your opportunity to catch up or dig a little deeper.

Q4 Can't I get this information from google, blogs and free or cheap training sites?

You can certainly get information from these sources. However, I have carefully curated the best information out there, leveraged from my 20+years experience in the learning and development field to come up with a proven roadmap to actually implement everything that you learn. And then give you the toolkit to ‘rinse and repeat’ on the next change initiative that you choose for your life.

This is a program where you implement – turning your knowledge into capability and then into action!

Q5 What if I don't learn best through video - what if I learn best through reading?

I have you covered! All the video content has been transcribed into a text version that you download, and I also provide you with the downloadable audio version. Also, if you learn best by making your own notes, drawing brainstorming maps or filling out worksheets – I have this covered too. I have been in the learning industry for 20+ years – so I get that we all have unique learning needs.

Q6 Tell me more about program access, I am curious on when I am going to get information…

You get access to the student portal straight away. The first ‘welcome’ lesson has plenty of rich information to get you started. Then weekly, the six modules + immersion weeks where you get a break from new content, get ‘dripped’ which means I release one module each week – so not to overwhelm you.

Also, if you were eligible for the fast action bonus, this will be during week 8. There is some fundamental knowledge that you need to gather by completing the previous modules to get the most out of this module.

Bonus # 1 Confidence & assertiveness course will be released during week 9.

Q7 What is the 'you've got this' guarantee?

Basically, if within 21 days you are not making a shift in the way you think or feel, and not getting traction on your change initiative, then send me an email [email protected] so that I can schedule you into a 30 minute call and share your goals with me. If we can’t troubleshoot a way forward on this call, then I will give you your money back. 

Q8 Can you remind me of everything I'm getting when I sign up today?

You get access to your online member portal – where all the resources are curated.

Lifetime access

6 modules released over a 12 week period

Toolkit of videos, audios, video transcripts, worksheets and PDF guides.

Bonus #01 Finding your purpose and values course 

Bonus #02 Exclusive FB group for 12 weeks of community and accountability.  

Bonus #03 10 Live online group coaching sessions (the recordings will be available for those that can’t attend live)

Fast action Bonus if you signed up while the webinar is live Confidence and assertiveness course.

DSD is perfect for you if you…

  • work with others either as a leader, or have to get other people on your side.
  • tried to change something in the past, and failed to make that change lasting.
  • keep telling yourself ‘you’re not worth it’ or ‘you’re not good enough’ or ‘they will find out you don’t know what you’re doing.  
  • lead a life you love, but want to connect and engage with others at a deeper level. 
  • over think things, have self-doubt or criticise yourself.
  • can’t wait to see the change, and how you connect and engage with others in new and different ways.
  • are looking forward to learning more about the brain and how this new found knowledge will transform the way you think and feel. .
  • ready to take action and do stuff differently! 

 If you said yes to any of the above,

I can’t wait to meet you inside the program Do stuff differently!

 Limited time BONUS | Confidence & assertiveness course

 You will also receive the Confidence & assertiveness course bonus, valued at $479.  

  • Learn brain-hacks that will help you be more confidence when public speaking. 
  • Know how to have those difficult conversations you usually shy away from.
  • Understand why 90% of people prefer to think about death than public speaking.