Do stuff differently

Online coaching membership based on neuroscience

 For busy women working hard to prove herself at home & work, wanting to shift from self-doubt & overwhelm to confidence, clarity & contentment, so that she can achieve more and lead a life she loves.


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Let me guess…




You’re juggling the demands of work & home life and those close to you call you a workaholic because you work hard to prove yourself and achieve more.

Down deep inside you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, self-doubting or guilty that you’re not doing enough, not good enough, or don’t give enough to the people that matter most.

And that you have dreams for your life, but no time for those dreams, because you’re busy pleasing and serving others.

You may be:


  • mid management, watching others get your dream job; convinced you don’t get opportunities because you’re a woman, too fat, not pretty enough, aggressive or outspoken enough.
  • mid-career wondering if this is the right job or career for you; exploring alternatives such as board positions, further education or new job, so that you can prove your worth.
  • mid-business facing the challenges of owning a business and feel stuck, or compare your success to others and feel like an imposter. 
  • having a mid-life crisis and feel totally lost and directionless; the kids are flying the coop leaving you wondering what you’re going to do with the rest of your life.


You’re on the slippery slope to burn-out.

Down deep inside you know it’s YOU, you’re trying to prove yourself to. 

And it’s your ,self-doubt and the crappy things you’re telling yourself that are holding you back.

You also know that something has to change. That you have to do stuff differently. 

coaching membership

And that’s why I’m inviting you to join the

Do stuff differently


The Do stuff differently is a life changing monthly coaching membership based on neuroscience.

Together we facilitate positive change by improving your thinking and taking take action to move you closer to your dream life at work and home.

The coaching membership gives you the tools and unparalleled support. You’ll:


  • develop a practical success path that will detail where you are now, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.
  • Map out a 12 month plan that details the strategies and actions to get you to success
  • leverage brain-science to optimise the way you think, feel, connect & engage and use it as your super-power to influence others in an ethical way.
  • swap self-doubt with self-belief by noticing unintentional thinking and taking that self-talk off autopilot so you can believe in yourself again.
  • be more confident in the way you show up and speak up at work and home, because you’re no longer telling yourself shitty things. 
  • take action every day (no matter how small!) so that your turning knowledge into know-how and moving closer to your dream life at work & home.
  • experience ongoing coaching support & accountability so that you deliver on the promises you make to yourself.

Every woman deserves to know this!

I’ve been saying this to my corporate clients for years!

This is the proven step by step success path

that’ll help you achieve your dreams!

You see, the corporate world have been using the latest in coaching and neuroscience for many years now.

Not only to help transform the lives of individuals, but to also transform teams, and the culture within the organisation. 

How do I know this? Because I’ve been a corporate coach & leadership development consultant for 15+ years.

Until now, this has only been available within the corporate world, for those willing to pay the hefty consultancy rates that this knowledge demands.  

I’ve wrapped this knowledge up into the coaching membership, so that every woman has the opportunity to know this! 

I break the brain-friendly strategies down into easy, digestible pieces of information.

And then help you apply it every day at work AND at home! 

Stage 01

 Identify  the life-area’s you’d like to improve, you unique strengths & values.

This is your compass & lifeline on your journey.

Stage 02

Identify what success looks like, how to measure it and deeply connect to your why.

This is your vision & destination you’re heading for.

Stage 03

Determine the goals & strategies that will move you towards success.

These are the signposts that confirm your heading the right way.

Stage 04

Intentionally take incremental action toward success, staying focussed on the next step in front of you.

This is the torchlight in your journey that helps you stay on track.

Stage 05

Determined your purpose, and the bigger cause you’ll stand behind.

This is your north star that helps when the torchlight fades.

Sue-Anne knows how a woman’s brain works. 

My biggest lesson from Sue-Anne has been that I am worthy and that we’re all on a journey.

Let her help you with yours, I promise it will change your life.



 With Sue-Anne’s help, I now not only have identified and clarified goals & actions,

I am now developing ways to plan and action the right things to reach my goals, in obtainable chunks whilst keeping myself accountable.

Done right, anyone can achieve life, work & home goals. I wish I had met Sue-Anne & had this 20 years ago!



So what’s inside the membership? 

Each month, you’ll be challenged to Do stuff differently, these ways:

Challenge your thinking

Keep move closer to your vision and goals. Check in on your progress, learn about a new technique, and take the opportunity to have a coaching-conversation to help you get unstuck.   

Challenge your thinking in these 1 hr online sessions, and set your next month up for success. A replay is also provided in case you miss it. 

Help when you need it most

 Between coaching sessions, you’ll have a thought, idea or issue that you need to bounce around. Leave me a message, or book a quick call and I’ll be your sounding board.

 I get it, sometimes you just need to chat to someone! You will receive 15 coaching minutes per month. We’ll use a messaging app or zoom.

Interest based help at your finger tips

This is your journey, and you’ll have interests that are specific to the improvements you want to make. This isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ membership. You’ll have access to my online system of resources, coaching actions and community.

You have a secure private area where you can comment, journal & take notes. There is an extensive library of downloadable coaching tools on a range of topics. 

Move fast or slow, at the pace that suits you

Progress through the success path at the pace that suits you. The IAM Learning Hub will set you up for success by providing an understanding of the 5 stages of success and the next step you need to take.

Lost your way? No problem. Hop into the IAM hub, complete a short quiz, and it’ll tell you the stage and next action that will send you on your way again!


Learn about the brain to accelerate change

What would a coaching moment be without me providing you with knowledge on how your brain works! You’ll have access to the online Do stuff differently course.

Learn the foundations of how the brain works, including: change & motivation; goal setting; learning & memory; thinking; emotion; and habits. It’s based on neuroscience. click here to review the online modules.

Connect to community of like-minded women

You’ll be able to draw on the collective wisdom by joining like-minded women through the community forum within the Coaching Hub. There is also a Facebook group to if this is your preferred community connection option.

You’ll also have the opportunity to opt-in for community events such as online coffee catch-ups, goals groups and we’ll also through in fun things too.


Live up to your promises

You’ll finally be able to keep build a better life at home and work, by keeping the promises you make to yourself. One action at a time.

The community and I are here to cheer you on, support you every step of the way, and to show you tough love when you need it. 

Maintain momentum

I’m here to help you get the best out of this experience. Keep a look out in your inbox, because I’ll be there supporting you too.

Opt-in for just in time prompts and reminders to make sure you maintain momentum. 

Challenge yourself further

When you’re ready, you’ll challenge yourself further by opting in to coaching-moment masterclasses and completing the mission of the month.  

Not ready yet? That’s okay, the monthly masterclasses are recorded, and added to your learning hub. You can explore them at a later date when you’re ready. Click here to view the monthly topics.

Q: But will it really work for me?

Short answer: Absolutely!

I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women from different walks of life create the life at work and home they used to only dream about.  Shifting from self-doubt & overwhelm to clarity, confidence & contentment by transforming their thinking and applying the knowledge based on neuroscience. 


If you’re suffering from …

  • the boss that doesn’t appreciate you
  • the colleague that talks over you, all the time
  • the lazy team member that you’re always covering for
  • the partner that doesn’t understand
  • the family members that quite frankly, walk all over you and never help out
  • wanting work/life balance, more harmony
  • wanting more out of your life
  • wanting a better job or career change
  • wanting better relationships at work or home
  • wanting to get more stuff done or to be organised
  • not feeling good enough or have imposter syndrome
  • not feeling you’re doing enough
  • fear of failure
  • fear of public speaking
  • fear of rejection

…or pretty much anything else…

the Do stuff differently coaching membership will work for you!

To use a metaphor, each of us are on our own mountain. Having a coach, doesn’t necessarily mean they have it all worked out, rather their mountain is different to yours. By being on a different mountain to you, they have the ability to help you with perspective that you might find hard to readily grasp without some external nudges. Working one-on-one with Sue-Anne has helped me climb further up my own mountain which in turn has enabled me to have greater perspective so that I can help others.


Business Owner

Sue-Anne gave me simple techniques to overcome my fear of public speaking. Her superpower is empowering women to become more confident versions of themselves. Sue-Anne helped me become a more confident and self assured person.



I needed help with my communication style and the amount of work I was taking on. Sue-Anne’s approach is different in the way she’s able to figure you out very quickly, then adapts her knowledge to guide you in the right direction. With this guidance,  I have stopped taking work home and started listening to myself and my needs. I have also reviewed my values and now determined new life values on which I would like to strive towards.





I’m already time-poor. How much time do I need each week or month? 

You’ll move at the pace you’re comfortable with. And spend as much or as little time as you want each week or month. Even if you take one step forward each month, it’s more than you’re doing now, right?

My every growing to-do list. Isn’t this just another ‘thing’ to add to it?

I know you’re overwhelmed. That’s why you’re here, reading this now! When you know how to optimise your thinking, by learning how the brain works, you’ll be less overwhelmed. I have plenty of brain hacks to help you with that to-do list too!







What if I don’t know what I want? How can this help me out? 

You’re in good company! Most women start working with me because of one simple thing: They know something needs to change. Usually because they’re having people problems.

We work through the proven Intentional Achiever Method to get clear on areas of your life at work and home that could do with some attention. You then decide what you’re willing to work on!

Join now

Pay monthly or a year in advance and receive 12 months for the price of 10.

This offer has been priced exclusively for women of the HerBusiness Network community. 

As a founding member, you’ll be grandfathered in at this price as long as your membership is in good standing.

(Usually founding member investment is $79 per month, increasing to $179 at the next full launch). 













And how much is that all really worth?

(per month)

Less overwhelm & self-doubt: at least an hour of lost sleep back per week! $200*

More intentional, focussed & productive: at least an hour/day more effective $3,000

Easy access to an experienced certified coach (who corporates paid $600 per conversation):  $1,250

FINALLY leading a life your love at work & at home: PRICELESS

*based on average salary mid-management level













I’m personally really looking forward to having a virtual coffee each month

Using the brain-friendly techniques both personally and professionally has transformed my life.  

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to finally take my thinking and emotion off autopilot, and leading a confident, intentional and balanced life. 

More than anything, I want to share that with you today.  

Whether you’re a working mum (or grandma!0 wanting to carve out more quality time with family, a career woman destined for bigger things, or a wanting a more productive and confident life – you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge into this coaching membership to see what your life will look like as you lead your best life.

You owe it to yourself experience first-hand how empowering it feels to finally take your thoughts and emotions off autopilot, and apply the know-how in transforming any area of your life successfully using brain-friendly techniques. 

Should you accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this will be completely life changing for you, your family and those around you.

I look forward to meeting you on the inside!

PS If you’re still unsure, click here to book a 30 minute free call with me to discuss your needs.