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How to get more of what you want. The art of goal pursuit Sue-Anne Higgins

Healthy choices are neither good or bad; only thinking makes them so. Berkman. The Conversation.

The Neuroscience of Goals and Behavior Change. Berkman. Consult Psychol J. 2018 Mar;70(1):28-44. doi: 10.1037/cpb0000094.

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Finding Mastery with Anders Ericsson Podcast

Simon Sinek Why YouTube. This video focusses on organisations, but the lesson is equally important to the individual. 

Why goals alone do not work and what’s missing! | Derek Mills  YouTube. Again, this video mentions organisations, but the lessons are equally important for you. Derek proposes that living each day with the standards that will get you to the goal is the key to goal achievement.


Peak. Secrets from the science of expertiseby Anders Ericsson (2016). First Mariner Books.