Passionfruit Curd CheesecakeBy Sue-AnneEveryone asks me to bring passionfruit curd cheesecake to family gatherings! It is tangy and delicious. You can make this recipe as one cheesecake, or 12 muffin size cheesecakes, or for something even more delicate you can make 24 mini cheesecakes (but you do need a speciality tin for this).
Passionfruit CurdBy Sue-AnneThis is the MOST AMAZING passionfruit curd you can find! It is light and fluffy in texture, and full of flavour. This recipe doesn't have butter in it, which is unusual for a curd.
Jaffa Choc Chip CookiesBy Sue-AnneThese cookies can be chewy in the middle or crunchy all the way through if you cook them a minute or two longer. You can also cook a small batch, and roll the cookie dough into a log and wrap in glad wrap, pop in the freezer and defrost and cook on another day. Wrap in smaller portions if you only want to cook half a dozen cookies at a time. Be warned! If you don't wrap and freeze straight away, you will end up baking and eating them all - they are MOREISH!
Morning bunsBy Sue-AnneThese take a lot of love and time, but are ABSOLUTELY worth it. They are buttery and sweet, so keep these for a special occasion. I had my first morning bun in 2015 in Noosa Qld, and fell in love with them. I couldn't find them in Perth, so worked out the recipe. Charlie loves them without the final sugar coating, but I think the final sugar coating is a must!
Egg & bacon on the goBy Sue-AnneThis is my favourite on the go breakfast for during the week. You can add other things to this including chopped asparagus, tomato and mushrooms. I often cook them on Sunday and store them in the fridge - they will last about 3 days. They also freeze well. They can be eaten hot or cold.
Do ahead chicken gravyBy Sue-Annehis gravy can be made in advance and frozen into portions. You wont go back to shop bought gravy once you try this one!
Chicken StockBy Sue-AnneHome made chicken stock is the bomb! The long process is well worth the effort. The longer the cooking the more minerals and flavour come out of the chicken bones.
Greek saladBy Sue-AnneGreek salad is one of my all time favourite salads. If made properly with really fresh produce it should have lots of crunch, balanced with the creaminess of the feta. I prefer to use a good marinated feta such as Margret River Marinated Feta or South Cape Marinated Feta. However, you can use a plain feta if you prefer a less aromatic greek salad.
Tomato and basil saladBy Sue-AnneThis is a great salad to pair with the shaved cucumber salad. I love the freshness of the basil and the creamy bocconcini. If you can't source bocconcini (small mozzarella cheese balls) just use a large mozzarella cheese ball. Also make sure you use freshly cracked pepper.
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