Greek saladBy Sue-AnneGreek salad is one of my all time favourite salads. If made properly with really fresh produce it should have lots of crunch, balanced with the creaminess of the feta. I prefer to use a good marinated feta such as Margret River Marinated Feta or South Cape Marinated Feta. However, you can use a plain feta if you prefer a less aromatic greek salad.
Tomato and basil saladBy Sue-AnneThis is a great salad to pair with the shaved cucumber salad. I love the freshness of the basil and the creamy bocconcini. If you can't source bocconcini (small mozzarella cheese balls) just use a large mozzarella cheese ball. Also make sure you use freshly cracked pepper.
ColeslawBy Sue-AnneColeslaw is my go-to favourite salad for a quick lunch. I often pair it together with shredded chicken (I keep a stash in the freezer), avocado and beetroot relish.
Potato SaladBy Sue-AnnePotato salad is a filling salad, so a good one to serve when you have lots of guests over. I use a lot of basil in mine to lift the flavour, but you can leave the basil out and put a tablespoon of grainy seeded mustard.
Shaved cucumber saladBy Sue-AnneThis is a simple light salad that is great served with salmon or spice foods (and the sweet green chili sauce). The sliced cucumber is cooling and crunchy - you can also bulk it up with a handful or two of rocket.
Taco SaladBy Sue-AnneSalad full of colour and will quickly become a family favourite. Serve with guacamole and grilled chicken for a quick delicious dinner.