Sue-Anne Higgins Coaching

I help women leaders & business owners 0ver 40 achieve work-life balance.

And find their way again clarity, confidence & contentment.

So that they can lead their best life & have a bigger impact!


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I’m on a mission

To challenge women leaders & business owners to do stuff differently. So that they can lead their best life, and have a bigger impact.

How I can help you

Weekly self-coaching tips

Receive weekly self-coaching tips that will inspire & challenge you to have a a great week by being more intentional.

Coaching & mentoring

Personalised guidance through the Intentional Achiever Method so that you gain clarity, confidence and contentment, achieve work-life balance and lead your best year yet!

Events & Workshops

If you’re ready to lead your best life and achieve work-life balance, check out my upcoming free & paid online events.

Hi there lovely!

Does this sound like you?

  • You want your life to have more meaning. You want to live a life of purpose, and have a legacy that your family and friends would be proud of.
  • You’re working long hours, pleasing other people which leaves little time to focus on what you want in life.
  • You possibly feel dissatisfied with work or working relationships, which is taking the joy out of your life.
  • You’re not as in love with your job or business as you’d like to be, you may be considering another direction, or wanting to play a bigger game.
  • You feel like an imposter! And your stressed out because you just waiting to be found out.

Then my community is just right for you!

Join a group of like-minded women, who are walking in similar shoes to you!

Up until now, they’ve incidentally achieved great things in their life. And now it’s time to get more intentional. To achieve work-life balance and reconnect with clarity, confidence & contentment.  

Let me and my community, be your guide.

I’m Sue-Anne Higgins, life & leadership coach. Creator of the Do Stuff Differently Effect and Intentional Achiever Method. Both informed by neuroscience.

Along with 400+ hours as a coach, I have extensive leadership & business experience that I draw from.

Beyond being a coffee snob and having a really loud infectious laugh, I love wine, cheese, technology, fancy markers & an old fashioned paper diary. And I feel most creative when these are combined!

My superpower is ‘reading between the lines’, and knowing what has been unsaid. Then bringing it into the conversation in a really safe way, non judgy way.

My CliftonStrengths34 are individualisation, achiever, learner, communication & strategic and my MBTI profile is ENFJ. Read more…