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A range of digital courses, blended with group coaching to help you understand
how to do stuff differently in your
personal, home & work life. 

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Make Positive Change.
Do stuff differently.

You’re worth it!

Many of us are faced with an ordinary,
less than ideal life. We feel ‘stuck in a rut’. 

That our opinion doesn’t count.
People aren’t listening. Life has become routine.

Often, we won’t say these things out loud.
It is just the internal chatter –
the things that we tell ourselves.

There are things that we would like to change.
Be it in our personal, home, or work life.

Sometimes what we want to change is clear,
other times we don’t know where to start.

We feel……..

     Overwhelmed. Blah.

Full of self doubt. 


It is time for a change if you answer yes to any one of these…

You want to reduce the overwhelm, stress less

You want to create more balance in your life

You want to be more confident

You need someone to keep you accountable for the things you want to change

You would like to step up as a leader, and bring your best self to work

You want to improve communicate with others





Does this sound like you?

Join my tribe!

Current Courses that will help you do stuff differently

Unique, creative & memorable. Based on Neuroscience.

My Approach

I blend 15+ years as a leadership development expert, coach and visual storyteller and the latest thinking in positive psychology and neuroscience, to bring you an approach that is fresh, current and engaging.

How is it different?

Based on Latest thinking in Neuroscience

Learning, memory and forging new habits is at best, difficult and at worst, near on impossible. The best tool I can arm you with is knowledge about how your brain works.

Learning that sticks

A range of advanced interactive learning strategies are used to make sure that ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’.

Action based

Goal setting & implementation are core to the work that I will do with you, making sure that you apply the knowledge & get things done!

Socially engaging

We are wired to crave social connection. My approach includes social connection so that you can connect with like minded people that are on the same journey as you.


To transform how you think, feel, connect & engage, you need to bring your whole self. I will provide you opportunites to engage all your senses & intelligences.

Virtually anywhere

I have been working virtually and with virtual teams for 15+ years. I bring new & different ways for you to engage with your wider 'worldwide' community.

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