Sue-Anne Higgins

Life & Leadership Coach

Specialising in proven techniques based on neuro-science.

Hi, I’m Sue-Anne!

I have a coffee name, which I don’t like, but it is easier to tell strangers ‘Sue’, because they always get my name wrong!

I also have a ‘coffee story’ about what I do. The throw away line I give strangers is ‘online business owner’. 

But what I really want to say is…

I empower women to think, feel, connect & engage differently, through online life & leadership coaching’. 

I’m on a mission to inspire women to lead their best life by challenging them to do stuff differently.

My purpose in life is to empower women to think, feel connect & engage differently.

My vision is to positively impact communities one woman at a time.

When you work with me, I show you how to leverage your strengths, like I do.  I have:

  • the ability to ‘read between the lines’ intuitively knowing what that individual need to hear or say
  • intensity & stamina to help others achieve and get things done
  • curiosity that leads to continual learning so that I can challenge others with contemporary ‘outside the box’ thinking
  • boldness to say what needs to be heard (in a gentle compassionate way, of course), and the wisdom to know when to shut up!
  • creativity that leads to quick discovery of relevant patterns or problems and alternative ways to proceed

My CliftonStrengths34 top 5 strengths are: Indvidualisation, achiever, learner, communication & strategic.

If you are into Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I am a questioning ENFJ.

My Values & Beliefs


Curiosity paves the way to learning something new. It also restrains judgment. 

It is like a kitchen mix master or Thermomix with all the attachments. It gets the job done in almost all the situations. It is easy to access once you decide to leave it out on your bench!

I believe the world would be a better place if we all entered into a conversation with curiosity. No personal agendas. No judgement.


To me, creativity is about trying the new and different. To be open to new ideas, and willing to then test them in new ways.

I believe everyone is creative. It just takes imagination and a willingness to experiment to spark new connections.


I love Mark Twains saying “courage is not the absence of fear, its acting in spite of fear’.

I believe there would be far less stress in the world if human kind had courageous conversations with those around them.

My professional life

I have 20+ years corporate experience in learning, leadership development & coaching. This experience shows up in a variety of ways, including the diverse array of contemporary knowledge I share relating to technology, planning, personal & professional development. If you want to know more about my experience, feel free to check out my LinkedIn Profile.

I am a results based coach, trained by the NeuroLeadership Institute in brain friendly coaching techniques that accelerate your ability to think, feel, connect & engage with others. I have gone through the rigorous process of gaining accreditation by the International Coach Federation (this is no easy feat!). I also have a Degree in Human Resources & Management, and a Certificate IV & Diploma in Training Delivery & Design. 

So what else do I do?

When I am not coaching or developing online training programs, I am helping the corporate world with leadership development, facilitating change,. OR turning complex ideas into visual stories, You may have noticed my bespoke drawings throughout the website. 

Quick Facts

What to know more?

Or just killing time before you have to get back to work or the kids?

Here are 10 fun facts about me:

Fun fact 1: I have a vivacious laugh. It is what people remember or miss the most.

Fun fact 2: In 2017 I quit the corporate job I loved, so that my hubby Charlie could live his dream and travel around Australia in a mobile home. We continue to travel and live in this ‘tiny home’.

Fun fact 3: I love organising pantries. Yep. I have been known to go through other peoples pantries and put order to the pantry chaos. I also love lists. I have a catalog listing of all my pantry items! 

Fun fact 4: I believed I couldn’t draw – until I was mid 40’s.  

Fun fact 5: I also once had a ‘pizza name’. My son is a typical Aussie larrikin, always pulling pranks.  He made the pizza guy promise not to give the order to me unless I said “My son is the best son in the whole world, and I love wearing tutu’s and tiaras”. Revenge is sweet. He eventually got old enough to drive and pick up the take-away.

Fun fact 6: Many parents complain that their children never talk to them. I wish I had that problem. Seriously. They share WAY TOO MUCH information with me. 

Fun fact 7: I have a blended family. Our 4 children are adults now. They are all gorgeous. We love them to bits. We currently have 2 grandsons too.

Fun fact 8: I LOVE to cook (there’s a hidden foodies recipe section on my website I have a Thermomix which is used on at least a daily basis. It is on the road with me (see Fun fact 2).

Fun fact 9: Nothing gives me greater joy than to have my family and friends enjoying a meal around the dinner table. Digital devices off. Everyone engaged in conversation. Eating off my Wedgwood Sarah’s Garden china. With cloth napkins.

Fun fact 10: I love my diary. Yes, I keep a physical diary, even though I am very tech savvy. I probably have more tech gadgets than my kids!