Does the smell of spring & summer make you happy? doterra-wellness-advocate-colors

Or does the smell of something (like roast lamb, or old fashion roses) remind you of your grandma?

When we smell something, it is our olfactory system kicking in. This is the sensory system responsible for controlling our sense of smell. It is connected to the limbic system. The area of the brain where emotions and memories are stored.

When we smell something familiar, it triggers the limbic system. And the aroma can activate memories that we associate with a particular smell. This is referred to as the ‘Proust Phenomenon’. 

Likewise, we can use aroma to activate emotions that are helpful. They can uplift and calm us. 

With my client’s permission, I diffuse essential oils in my workshops to help the participants do their best thinking. If you are an digital course and online coaching client, I also offer to send you out samples so that you too can experience the uplifting and calming effects that quality essential oils bring.