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How To Overcome Overthinking

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(say goodbye to your inner critic keeping you awake at night!)

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In This Powerful Masterclass…

Secret #01

Learn my unconventional helix model that reveals the mystery missing link in achieving work-life balance and how it can stop you from chronic overthinking.  

Secret #02

Learn 5 social cues that trigger overthinking and how to apply them to feel INSTANT calm.  

Secret #03

Understand how the brain is wired, so you can leverage the power of your mind to focus on the next BEST step.


Secret #04

Discover the 5-step TEARS method to interrupt the overthinking cycle, so you can identify the hidden thoughts behind your results.

Secret #05

Learn the 3 instant brain hacks that will stop you jumping down the abyss of your untamed mind, so you have a resource kit you can pull out anytime you need it.

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Do you lay awake overthinking, finding it difficult to switch off?

Do you ever lay there desperately trying to solve a problem, or continually replay events of the day, trying to make meaning out of conversations?

All of a sudden you’ve jumped into the abyss of your untamed mind questioning ‘what I have done wrong?’.

The night time silence at night can be so deafening!

You are not alone, my lovely. All the women I work with experience overthinking at some point.

Is This Happening To You? It Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure,

It’s Just How The Brain Works!

In fact, it’s PROVEN THAT WOMEN OVERTHINK MORE THAN MEN. And it all has to do with the way your brain is wired.

A brain imaging study by Daniel Amen found significantly more activity in the cerebral cortex and limbic system than men.


The cerebral cortex is involved in impulse control and focus, and the limbic system is involved in mood and anxiety.


And the increased limbic activity is the one of the reasons why you feel more stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed when you’re overthinking.


It’s no wonder, as busy women leaders & business owners, we’re running on autopilot, feeling our work-life balance is out of whack! 

But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way. This Is The Reason Why I’ve Put Together This Masterclass ‘How To Overcome Overthinking’.

Using the exact strategies I’ve used to help out 100’s of women overthinkers! 

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Join Me Online Live In This Powerful Zoom Masterclass

And Find Out The Secret’s That 100’s Of Women Have Learnt To Overcome Overthinking So That You Too Can Achieve Work-Life Balance And Lead A Life YOU Love.

Who’s This Event For?

Women Leaders

You’re good at leading others but recognise that overthinking, stress and exhaustion from the lack of sleep is affecting your performance. 


Discover how to bringing your best self to work is that your team is set up for success and get the leadership they deserve. 

Women Business Owners

You have a great business but find yourself second guessing your business decisions, which is impacting your ability to move your business forward.


Discover how to get clarity and confidence in your decisions, so that you can finally focus on providing an exceptional experience for your clients.

This is NOT for you if you’re:

  • A freebie junkie not prepared to take action

  • Quick to blame others for the stress and overwhelm you experience

    • Not serious about making a positive change that can transform your life

Join Me In This 2-hour Masterclass

‘How To Overcome Overthinking’


This is not a ‘chalk & talk’ webinar or ‘death by Powerpoint’.

There’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to reflect, connect, ask questions,  and form a plan on how to take action on the strategies you learn.

So bring a pen and paper, and lets travel the abyss of your untamed mind together, so you walk away feeling calm and back in control.

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I’m Sue-Anne Higgins


Raucous laugher, coffee inhaling, wine swilling life & leadership coach. Who’s fascinated by neuroscience.


After leading change, developing leaders and coaching in the corporate world for 20+, I’ve noticed how women struggle to get work-life balance right.


And it often starts with overthinking! Which drives us harder to prove ourselves.


On the outside, the overthinking is about work. But down deep inside it’s usually our inner critic. The problem is the repeated negative self-talk has become automated, so we don’t even realise we’re doing it.


So lets meader up the exit ramp of your comfort zone and discover the automatic thoughts that are causing overthinking. SO that you can finally find harmony in your work and life. It’s time to claim back your life & time to finally focus on what YOU want.

Sue-Anne xx

The only one thing that separates intentional achievers from incidental achievers is that they enlist the help of others for community, consistency and courage to take bigger action.

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