How do you find your purpose in life?

4, May 22 | Purpose, vision & values

Do you know your purpose in life?

Have you recently been triggered by a life event, and it’s left you wondering what your purpose in life is?

Do you have an inner knowing that you were meant for more, but struggled to find your purpose in life?

Women leaders often start yearning to fulfil their life purpose in their mid 40’s to mid 50’s.

I notice it really strongly in the women who are high achievers who are passionate about building a legacy that their friends and family would be proud of.

When to know it’s time to find your purpose in life

The sense of urgency to do something now, is usually triggered by a life event. You know that moment when when you have the acute awareness that life is too short, and retirement is not that far away?

Frustration at work

Frustration at work can show up in many ways. It can be a lack of support or tolerance of people around you. You could possibly even feel like you’ve been ‘pigeon holed’, hit the glass ceiling or the glass floor! Even the sense of overwhelm, underwhelm or loneliness.

Relationship breakdown

Relationships are challenging at any time to navigate. When things come to a tipping point and you decide to make some changes in your life, all the niggly things that other people do or say become significant. Particularly if you’re like many women and have been a people pleaser at work and home for 20+ years, and you now feel that you’ve been taken advantage of.

Health scare

Let’s face it, our bodies just aren’t what they used to be. As we get older there seems to be more that goes wrong. And now we also have aging parents that we’re concerned about to. The reality of it is that unfortunately there are people that are near and dear to us struggling with health issues.

Mid-life crisis

And then there’s the mid-life crisis. The kids are flying the coup, and it leaves us wondering what next are we going to do with our life!

So what is purpose and why is it important?

Purpose is a sense of knowing. It provides an enduring sense of self. In the Intentional Achiever Method, I explain it as your North Star that helps you navigate life when the torchlight fades. You know, in those every day moments where you feel that you’ve lost your way?

Research by Andrew Steptoe and Daisy Fancourt surveyed over 7,300 men and women aged 50 and older living in the United Kingdom. They found that there were 5 main benefits of knowing your purpose:

  1. Increased happiness
  2. More likely to practice healthy habits
  3. Stronger personal relationships
  4. Greater sense of prosperity
  5. Better self-rated health

How do you find your purpose?

It may surprise you to know that there are signs all around you! You just need to learn how to pay attention to them.

This is exactly what I said to one of my coaching clients Jacki, when she was questioning her purpose in her life.

Little did she know that there were literally signs all around her. One sign above her coffee machine said:

Vote for women 

Jacki now knows her purpose in life is to inspire women in a male dominated working environment to have the confidence and courage to step outside their comfort zone and develop themselves further and more into more senior positions.

3 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself About Purpose:

Click the play button below and respond to the 3 powerful questions I asked Jacki and numerous other coaching clients that helped them find her purpose. 

Indulge me a moment, and let share how I found my purpose in life.

Is that okay?

My purpose in life

When I was 25 I had a dream, and this dream kept playing in my mind throughout my life. I didn’t quite know what it meant, until one day, I had a wake up call.

I was really frustrated at work. You know that feeling when you hit the glass ceiling and the glass floor? Although I loved loved working with my clients, it that wasn’t enough. Staying in this job limited any future career prospects.

At the same time I think I was having a mid-life crisis. My kids had flown the coup and had moved on to live their own lives. My husband was also thinking about retirement and this was and still is a long way off my mind.

To top it off my colleague had a health scare in her family, and she gave me some sage advise ‘life is too short, do what you love, now. While you still have the opportunity’.

Life is too short

These events nudged me up the exit ramp of my comfort zone toward helping my husband fulfil his life-long dream to hit the road and travel around Australia. Which to be honest, scared the hell out of me.

But then, I had the flashback to that dream.

In the dream I was on a stage with a sea of people in front of me. Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, children all gathering in small groups.

As I looked over the crowd I could see happiness and harmony all around. The women were looking back at me with a sense of certainty and contentment. They had a knowing. A knowing that they had contributed to the positive impact on the community gathering around them.

Meant for more

I finally understood that I was meant for more. My purpose in life was to women skills and knowledge to also have a positive impact on others, and to create meaning in their own lives.

So I took the nudges as a sign that it was time to quit my job and bring that dream into reality. I hit the road with my husband on Girty our mobile home.

And used that time to channel my $3,500 per day consulting experience and love of neuro-science to develop world-class coaching resources and methods so that I bring this knowledge to you. Without the hefty price tag!

Positively Impact 1m People

I’m now on a mission to fulfil that purpose. Just like my time as an high-end consultant, transforming organisations from the inside out. I’m now on a mission to positively impact 1m people by transforming organisations from the inside out, ONE woman at a time. 

You are the reason why I do what I do. So that I can help you achieve work-life balance and find your purpose so that you too, can have a bigger impact!

Click here to learn the first step to finding your purpose too! 

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