Coleslaw is my go-to favourite salad for a quick lunch. I often pair it together with shredded chicken (I keep a stash in the freezer), avocado and beetroot relish.

Yields4 Servings
Prep Time10 mins


250g green and/or red cabbage
100g carrot
1 green apple
¼ red onion
Large handful mint leaves
Salt & pepper
1-2 tbs mayonnaise*

Thermomix Directions

The recipe provides Thermomix instructions, but you can also do this in a food processor by using the chopping blades.

  1. Roughly chop cabbage and carrot.
  2. Core and quarter apple.
  3. Place all ingredients into mixing bowl and chop 2-3 sec, speed 4.
  4. Scrape down sides of bowl and repeat until desired consistency is achieved.
  5. Taste, season with salt and pepper as required. Note:

* See mayonnaise recipe.
Make this straight after you make mayonnaise (don't wash bowl and don't add more mayonnaise until you have tasted it).