Coaching & Mentoring
with Sue-Anne

I help women Leaders & Business Owners over 40 achieve work-life balance & impact by reconnecting with who they are.

After 20+ years in leadership positions as a change & communications manager, leadership development expert and coach, I’ve learnt the best world class strategies for achieving results in life and at work.

I’ve taken these strategies and developed a step-by-step proven method to achieving work-life balance consistently: the REACH Formula for Work-Life Balance Success.

It’s a powerful process that helps women fast-track work-life balance success so that they can move onto the things that are important to them. 

The problem is that women over 40 have spent the last 20+ years pleasing other people and have lost themselves in the busy-ness and people pleasing-ness of life. 

Everyday we’re a step closer to ‘retirement age’ so there’s a sense of urgency to make this half of our lives mean something.

But Before We Respond To The Urgency Of The Future

We Need To Respond To The Urgency Of The NOW


Not Fully Present At Home

Friends and family are important, but work is all consuming. Quite frankly, you probably love what you do. But it’s creeping into home life and loved ones are noticing. Although you’re physically in the room, your mind is often thinking about work related issues.


Lack Of Time

Drowning under the never-ending list of  must-do’s you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever get to the things that you feel you should be doing. And more than likely you think that if you manage your time better, you’ll get more done!


Working Long Hours

There seems to be a never ending stream of requests from other people that are ‘urgent’. It’s difficult to say no to other people, or to delegate. Because after all, pleasing other people is an ingrained habit.

The REACH Formula to Work-Life Balance Success Will Help You Solve These Problems

You’ll learn how to:



Rediscover who you are when you’re just being you (not mum, grandma, leader, business owner, partner, sister, daughter or friend). And uncover the sub-conscious triggers that may be holding you back so that you can dig deep into what’s important to you.



Explore the possibilities when work-life balance is achieved so that you can determine the results you want to achieve in work and life



Acquire new expert knowledge that aligns with the results you want so that you can create your work-life-legacy success path



Coach the new behaviours that support your work-life-legacy success path so that you achieve easy every-day results that prove it to yourself that you can do it!



Hone deliberate practices so that before you know it, your every day results add up to the bigger results you’re seeking. 

Completely Tailored Just For You

I completely tailor our coaching on where you’re at at work and in life. and help you focus on the areas that need the most help.

I help you focus on the areas that need the most help.

This gives you a totally personalised solution for the best possible results. 

The coaching is designed to create rapid and lasting change. 

Why I Can Help You


20+ years in the corporate world, as a change & communications manager, leadership development expert and coach.


Experienced, internationally accredited coach, trained by NeuroLeadership Institute.


Owned 2 businesses and ran 2 businesses for other people. 


Coached and mentored 100’s of women and helped them make simple every-day shifts that changed their life, forever.


Developed world-class resources to help you achieve work-life balance based on proven techniques and informed by neuroscience.

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Project Coordinator

Needed to ‘fix things’ at work.

Sue-Anne know how a woman’s brain works. My biggest lesson from Sue-Anne has been that I’m worthy and that we’re all on a journey.



Inability to say no!

I needed help with my communication style and the amount of work I was taking on. Sue-Anne’s approach is different in the way she’s able to figure you out very quickly, then adapts her knowledge to guide you in the right direction.


Senior Leader

I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the notion that I couldn’t get people to do what I needed them to do, nor could I get the best out of them. I now understand myself and others better.

Sue-Anne has the ability to bring the best out of people, help them improve and help managers do the same with their team.

I have a better work life balance. I am no longer frustrated, more relaxed at work, and at home.



Confidence & fear of public speaking

Sue-Anne helped me become a more confident and self assured person. Her superpower is empowering women to become more confident versions of themselves..