Want to improve your life, even though you’re time poor juggling the demands or work and home life?

Find your way again to clarity, confidence and contentment.

Take back control of your life, so that you can lead your best life beyond 40 and 50.


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Let me guess…


After spending the last 20+ years focussing on the needs of others..

You haven’t had much time to focus on you.
And your spark for life is fading.
The energy and drive you once hard is hard to muster up.

After all, your day is a never ending cycle of pleasing people,
work at home, work at your day job.
Ruminate on all things you didn’t do right or get done.
Eat, drink & sleep (if you’re lucky)!

 No wonder you feel flat, exhausted & overwhelmed!


In fleeting moments you remember a time when you had dreams for your life.

But, right now, you’re still busy
beating yourself up for not doing enough,
not being good enough or
not giving enough to the people that matter most.

And if you’re like most women in their 40’s and 50’s,
you’ve got that ‘life’s too short’ type of feeling.

👇👇Watch this video, and I’ll explain!👇👇 

I’m inviting you to meander up the exit ramp of your comfort zone with me and join the

Do stuff differently
monthly coaching membership


Together we travel the proven evidence-based success path. Inside the membership, you’ll:


    • swap self-doubt with self-belief by noticing unintentional thinking and taking that self-talk off autopilot so you can believe in yourself again.
    • build confidence as you prove to yourself every day that you’re worth it, so that you have the courage to try new things and push yourself outside your comfort zone.
    • communicate in a clear and credible way so that others finally hear what you have to say.
    • form healthier relationships at work and home because you now use brain-friendly strategies to communicate and deal with conflict, so that others react to you in a more positive way.
    • be more productive and reduce procrastination because you know how to focus your attention on the right things so that you achieve more out of life.
    • make better decisions because you no longer tell yourself shitty things, you think clearly and use emotions in the right way.
    • achieve results in small incremental steps that are just right for you, so that you’re continually moving closer to leading your best life.

    Inside the membership you’ll also have:

    • a community of like-minded women who understand your journey. Cheering you on so that you deliver on the promises you make to yourself when the going gets tough.
    • unparalleled expert support from an experienced internationally certified life and leadership coach who understands how the brain works, challenging you in just the right way.
    • proven methods, tools and resources to guide you every step of the way.
  • As an Insider

    Here’s what to look forward to

    each month!


    1. Challenge your thinking

    1 hour small group-coaching session keeps you moving closer to the better version of you. Discuss your progress, learn a new technique, and get help if you’re stuck. Turn up live, or watch the replay.

    2. Help when you need it most

    15 personal coaching-minutes per month to get unstuck between coaching sessions. Hop online with Sue-Anne and share your thoughts, idea or issues.

    3. Interest based help at your finger tips

    Private & secure access to professional online coaching resources. This is your journey, and you’ll have interests that are specific to the improvements you want to make. The coaching-hub is a wealth of resources that will help you on your way.

    4. Move fast or slow, it's up to you!

    The Intentional Achiever Method sets your journey up for success by taking you through a proven path that’s informed by neuroscience. The membership-hub is curated just for you based on where you’re at so that you can move at a pace that suites you. 

    5. Leverage brain-power thru knowledge

    Learn the foundations of how the brain works including: change & motivation; goal setting; learning & memory; thinking; emotion; and habits. It’s based on neuroscience. click here to review the online modules.

    6. Connect to community of like-minded women

    You’ll be able to draw on the collective wisdom by joining like-minded women.  You’ll also have the opportunity to opt-in for community events such as online coffee catch-ups, goals groups and we’ll throw in fun things too.


    7. Challenge yourself further

    Each month there’s a masterclass and mission of the month. By opting in, you’ll challenge yourself even further. Not ready yet? That’s okay, the monthly masterclasses are recorded, and added to your membership-hub.

    Q: But will it really work for me?

    Short answer: Absolutely!

    I’ve helped HUNDREDS of women from different walks of life create the life at work and home they used to only dream about.  Shifting from self-doubt & overwhelm to clarity, confidence & contentment by transforming their thinking and applying the knowledge based on neuroscience. 


    If you’re suffering from …

    • overwork, doing long hours because you don’t have the right support
    • overthinking things leading to sleepless nights and a mind that won’t turn off
    • overwhelm, you just never seem to get on top of things
    • decision fatigue, it’s the 100th decision you made today!
    • procrastination, putting off the jobs that you hate
    • imposter syndrome, people may discover you’re not as good as they think!
    • lack of confidence in self at work or home
    • fear of failure, public speaking or rejection
    • the itty bitty shitty committee (internal critic) telling you you’re not good enough, smart enough, thin or pretty enough
    • people not listening to you or reacting to you negatively.
    • wanting work/life balance, more harmony
    • wanting to take business to the next level
    • wanting a better job or career change
    • wanting better relationships at work & home
    • wanting to get more stuff done or to be more organised

    …or pretty much anything else…

     Do stuff differently coaching membership will work for you!

    Couldn’t get others to do what I needed them to do.

    I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the notion that I couldn’t get people to do what I needed them to do, nor could I get the best out of them.

    I now understand myself and others better.

    Sue-Anne has the ability to bring the best out of people, help them improve and help managers do the same with their team.

    I have a better work life balance, have learnt to let go and delegate job responsibility.

    People I work with closely are happier, better developed and more functional. I am no longer frustrated, more relaxed at work, and at home.


    Senior Manager

    Stuck in a rut, unable to move forward.

    I was underwhelmed with my life, professionally and personally.  I was feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. My skills were not valued and my opinions didn’t matter.

    My life has changed when I acknowledged where I am and that I have the power to change my situation and move forward.  I now take time to consider, process, acknowledge and address my thoughts. 

    I now have direction and believe that my goals are achievable. I’m happier and so are the people around me.


    Finance Manager

    Imposter syndrome & procrastination over business decisions

    Having a coach, doesn’t necessarily mean they have it all worked out, rather  they have the ability to help you with perspective that you might find hard to readily grasp without some external nudges.

    Working one-on-one with Sue-Anne has enabled me to have greater perspective so that I can help others.


    Business owner & coach

    Self-doubt and needing to ‘fix things’ at work

    Sue-Anne know how a woman’s brain works.

    My biggest lesson from Sue-Anne has been that I’m worthy and that we’re all on a journey.



    Confidence & fear of public speaking

    Sue-Anne gave me simple techniques to overcome my fear of public speaking.

    Her superpower is empowering women to become more confident versions of themselves.

    Sue-Anne helped me become a more confident and self assured person.



    Communication issues and inability to say no!

    I needed help with my communication style and the amount of work I was taking on.

    Sue-Anne’s approach is different in the way she’s able to figure you out very quickly, then adapts her knowledge to guide you in the right direction.





    I’m already time-poor. How much time do I need each week or month? 

    You’ll move at the pace you’re comfortable with. And spend as much or as little time as you want each week or month. Even if you take one step forward each month, it’s more than you’re doing now, right?

    My ever growing to-do list. Isn’t this just another ‘thing’ to add to it?

    I know you’re overwhelmed. That’s why you’re here, reading this now! When you know how to optimise your thinking, by learning how the brain works, you’ll be less overwhelmed. I have plenty of brain hacks to help you with that to-do list too!







    What if I don’t know what I want? How can this help me out? 

    You’re in good company! Most women start working with me because of one simple thing: They know something needs to change. Usually because they’re having people problems.

    We work through the proven Intentional Achiever Method to get clear on areas of your life at work and home that could do with some attention. You then decide what you’re willing to work on!

    Join now

    Today, for AU$49 per month. You’ll remain on this price as long as your membership is in good standing. Cancel anytime.

    Save $AU98 and get 12 months for the price of 10 by paying a year in advance @ AU$490. Plus receive an personal coaching session every 3 months valued at $375 per session!

    This is a VIP offer, and only 5 more spots are available, at this price.

    When the membership doors open again to the general public, the price will increase to AU$179 per month.


    The deliverables each month that will help you find your way again to confidence clarity & contentment again, so that you lead your best life,  include:


    • professional advice from an accredited coach, who will  help you find your way to confidence, clarity & contentment again, at work and home.
    • 1 hour group-coaching session to discuss progress, get unstuck or learn a new technique.
    • 15 personal coaching-minutes to delve deeper into a specific thought, idea or issue you’re facing that month.
    • 1 hour masterclass and ‘mission of the month’ to challenge your thinking further.
    • accountability and support from like-minded women
    • access to world-class coaching resources that are informed by neuroscience.












    And how much is that all really worth?

    (per month)

    Less overwhelm & self-doubt: at least an hour of lost sleep back per week! $200*

    More intentional, focussed & productive: at least an hour/day more effective $3,000

    Easy access to an experienced certified coach (who corporates paid $600 per conversation):  $1,250

    FINALLY leading a life your love at work & at home: PRICELESS

    *based on average salary mid-management level http://www.glassdoor.com.au













    I’m really looking forward to having a virtual coffee with you every month

    My commitment to you is that I’ll be there for you, as I share the world-class coaching and techniques that are just right for you.

    Until now, this level of coaching and techniques were only available to those willing to pay the hefty corporate consultancy rates that this knowledge demands.

    I’ve wrapped my 15+ years of knowledge & experience up into the coaching membership, so that every woman has the opportunity to know this!

    So that YOU have the opportunity to learn & grow and lead your best life.

    Whether you’re a:

    • working mum (or grandma like me) wanting to carve out more quality time with family
    • business woman growing her business
    • career woman destined for bigger things
    • woman who simply wants more confidence, clarity and contentment in her life

    You’re worth it!

    You’re worth taking a risk-free plunge into this coaching membership to see what your best life could look like. 

    You’re worth it to experience first-hand how empowering it feels to finally take your life and thoughts off autopilot and transform your life.

    Should you accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that this will completely change your life, the life of your family, and others around you.

    As you shift your thinking & your life, they will too!

    I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

    PS If you’re still unsure, click here to book a 30 minute free call.