Special Invitation For Women Leaders & Business Owners over 40

What If You Could Achieve Work-life Balance AND Create More Meaning In The Next Half Of Your Life So That You have A Bigger Impact In This World?

Raise your glass if…

You sometimes (or often!) struggle with work-life balance.

You consider yourself as a leader (at home, in the community, in your business or at work).

You've had a successful life, but you want more meaning in your live and to have a bigger impact.

There's a sense of urgency now. Let's face it, every day is a day closer to retirement. And you don't want to be filled with shoulda, coulda, woulda regrets.

Life events have triggered you to consider what's next in your life.

I’ll drink to that! You’re not alone…

In a recent study of women over 40, they identified the most challenging aspects of life as changing family relationships, re-balancing work/personal life, re-discovering self, securing enough resources, and coping with multiple co-occurring stressors.

This is also backed by the 100’s of women I’ve coached over the years. 

You may be at this cross-roads moment because:

  • you want your life to have more meaning. You want to live a life of purpose, and have a legacy that your family and friends would be proud of.

  • you’re working long hours, pleasing other people which leaves little time to focus on what you want in life.

  • you feel dissatisfied with work or working relationships, which is taking the joy out of your life.

  • your not as in love with your business as you’d like to be, or you’re considering another direction, or wanting more traction.

  • you feel like an imposter! And your stressed out because you just waiting to be found out.

Or maybe this moment has been triggered by a life event:

  • a health scare. Let’s face it, our bodies aren’t as resilient as they used to be, and now we have aging partners and parents to worry about too!

  • a relationship breakdown. As we get older we’re less tolerant of other peoples BS.

  • dare I say it: having a mid-life crisis. The kids are flying the coop, and it’s leaving you wondering what’s next for your life.

No matter what brought you to this cross-road,
this is for you if:

You want to achieve work-life harmony and lead a life of clarity, confidence and contentment.

So that you can lead our best life and have a bigger impact.

Imagine what life will be like 5 years from now.
Imagine the positive impact we’ll have on family, friends and the community.
Imagine how joyful retirement age will be and the legacy we’ll leave behind.

This Is Why I Created The Do Stuff Differently Monthly Coaching Membership


Achieve consistent results

Your life has been a success up to now, but if you’re like most women, it’s been incidental.

There’s now a sense of urgency to achieve more consistently. So that when you do get to retirement, you’re not full of the shoulda, coulda, woulda regrets.

The Intentional Achiever Method inside the membership is your guide to achieving more consistently. So that you can have a bigger impact, and build a legacy that makes your friends and family proud.

Find Work-Life Balance

Achieving consistent results seems overwhelming and stressful right now, because work-life balance is out of whack.

But imagine what you could achieve, if work and life was in balance again?

During the coaching process, you’ll get expert guidance on self, life and work. Using my Work-Life Harmony model, you’ll find your way to balance again. So that you have more clarity, confidence and contentment!

Reconnect with who you are

You’ve spent the first half of your life focussing on the needs of other people. It’s time to reconnect with who you are.

Mastering self is the starting point and the work-life balance booster.

You’ll be thinking more intentionally. Constructing meaningful emotions which are the neucleus of work-life harmony.

And to make this change sustainable, you’ll be forming deliberate habits.

The Intentional Life Framework and Self Belief Quadrant provides the process and knowledge on how to master self and you’ll be well on your way to reconnecting with who you are.

Lead a more meaningful life

Life events, such as relationship breakdown, health scare or having a mid-life crisis now the kids have flown the coop, cause us to re-examine our life. To consider what if, and what next. 

As if life is not hard enough already, we usually experience multiple stressors concurrently!

Inside the membership, we discuss topics such as purpose, values, communication, conflict, and courage. 

And we apply proven techniques informed by neuroscience to master these topics like a pro. 


Be more fulfilled at work or in business

Most women I work with love their work or business. And have achieved great things!

But they want more fulfillment. It’s the area of life that throws work-life balance out of whack.

Often, as women rise through the ranks, get a better job or build a bigger business, they feel like an imposter.

To top it off, there’s not only glass ceilings to break through, there’s walls and floors too!  

Sometimes the frustration at work leads them to consider if this is the right work or business for them.

Inside the membership, we discuss topics such as strengths, confidence, productivity, time-management, change, and leadership. 

And provide all the resources necessary to lead at work and lead in your business so that you can find fulfilment again. 


Don't feel alone or isolated again

We’re inside our head so often. Unwilling or unable to share our thoughts and feelings with those around us.

Over time, we start believing that we’re the only one that thinks or feels this way.

It’s so liberating when you have a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings. And realise that others feel exactly how you feel.

IMO, this is the biggest benefit of the membership. The community and connection to other like-minded women. Women who understand that life is different beyond 40.

You finally don’t have to feel alone or isolated again.

Here’s some ‘you’re like me’ comments in our group sessions:

“It’s nice to know someone else over thinks things too, thanks Jodie”. Shazz [Jan 21 Reflecting forward group discussion]

“Emily has already mentioned personal health, and that prompted me…” Larrece [Dec 21 group coaching]


I’m inviting you to meander up the exit ramp of your comfort zone…

A community of like-minded women over 40, struggling with the same issues.

Wanting to achieve work-life balance and reconnect with confidence, confidence & contentment.

So that they can create more meaning in their life and have a bigger impact.

Membership numbers are limited, so that you an get the personal attention you deserve!

Here’s what’s inside the membership

1. Challenge your thinking

1 hour small group-coaching session keeps you moving closer to the better version of you. Discuss your progress, learn a new technique, and get help if you’re stuck. Turn up live, or watch the replay.

Multiple session times on offer. No more than 6 attendees are accepted in each group coaching session. This ensures you have time to be seen and heard when you want, and don’t get lost in the crowd!

2. Help when you need it most

15 personal coaching-minutes per month to get unstuck between coaching sessions. Hop online with Sue-Anne and share your thoughts, idea or issues.

3. Interested based help at your fingertips

Private & secure access to professional online coaching resources. This is your journey, and you’ll have interests that are specific to the improvements you want to make. The coaching-hub is a wealth of resources that will help you on your way.

4. Move fast or slow, it's up to you!

The Intentional Achiever Method sets your journey up for success by taking you through a proven path that’s informed by neuroscience. The membership-hub is curated just for you based on where you’re at so that you can move at a pace that suites you. 

5. Leverage brain-power thru knowledge

Learn the foundations of how the brain works including: change & motivation; goal setting; learning & memory; thinking; emotion; and habits. It’s based on neuroscience. click here to review the online modules.

6. Connect to like-minded women

You’ll be able to draw on the collective wisdom by joining like-minded women.  You’ll also have the opportunity to opt-in for community events such as online coffee catch-ups, goals groups and we’ll throw in fun things too.

7. Challenge yourself further

Each month there’s a masterclass and mission of the month. By opting in, you’ll challenge yourself even further. Not ready yet? That’s okay, the monthly masterclasses are recorded, and added to your membership-hub.

Meet Some Of The Women Inside The Membership

Senior Leader Energy Industry

I’m passionate about the development of women in male-dominated industries and occupations.

The thing I love the most about the membership is the collaborative approach to problem solving and how it keeps me on task to focus on myself, my development and life/work harmony.

 This year I have used the deeper understanding of myself to clarify a new and more meaningful set of goals I want to achieve. 


Business Owner

I’m passionate about all things plants and the positive impact they have on individuals health and wellbeing.

The thing I love most about the membership is receiving support and guidance from Sue-Anne who has both experience and knowledge on such a broad range of topics.

This year it helped me to gain the confidence and clarity I required to turn my passion into a business. Extremely excited about what the future holds.


Deputy Principal & Early Childhood Educator

I’m passionate about helping staff and students to become their best version of themselves.

The thing I love most about the membership is that you can work through the content at your own pace.

This year it helped me to set achievable goals for my own development.


Project Coordinator

I’m problem solver and passionate about being challenged to achieve. I love to laugh and often see the funny flip side of the situation.

The membership helps me connect with other women on journeys similar to my own.

In the last year the members have helped me realise that many of us face the same challenges.

It is wonderful to talk about our experiences, get advice and feedback and share Aha! moments.


Senior Leader Higher Education

I’m passionate about learning and helping others find meaning and joy in all parts of their life.

The things I love most about the membership is that it gives me regular time and space so I can get off autopilot, get intentional about different parts of my life and this means I can achieve what I want and not just ‘get through’.

This year it helped me get through some really crazy busy times (home and work) without becoming crazy myself!




This is for you if you want to reconnect with who you are and recalibrate your work-life balance. There’s areas in your work and life that you’d like to improve, but generally, your content.

You want community, connection, accountability and support of like minded women.



Cancel anytime.

*Includes lifetime access to the Do Stuff Differently course, valued at $297.

The deliverables each month include:

  • professional advice from an accredited coach, who will  help you achieve work-life balance and reconnect to confidence, clarity & contentment. 
  • 1 hour group-coaching session to discuss progress, get unstuck or learn a new technique.
  • 15 personal coaching-minutes to delve deeper into a specific thought, idea or issue you’re facing that month.
  • 1 hour masterclass and ‘mission of the month’ to challenge your thinking further.
  • accountability and support from like-minded women
  • access to world-class coaching resources that are informed by neuroscience.

VIP Monthly Subscription

This is for you if your work-life balance is really out of whack. You don’t know where to start, you’re procrastinating and you’re time poor.

You want focussed attention on the issues that are affecting you, so that you have clarity on exactly what to work on next.


AU$497 per month.

Cancel anytime.

*Includes lifetime access to the Do Stuff Differently course, valued at $297.

Deliverables in the monthly subscription plus:

  • 1 hour personal coaching session per month.

Only 5 VIP spots available.

Accelerator Program

This is for you if you have a sense of urgency and want to achieve great things, fast. 

You want to not only reconnect with who you are, you want to discover your true purpose and design your future so that you can have a bigger impact. 


AU$997 per month.

3 month commitment.

This is a 3 month commitment, when completed, you can opt into a monthly or VIP monthly subscription.

Deliverables in the monthly subscription plus:

  • Two 1 hour personal coaching sessions per month.

Only 5 VIP spots available.

And how much is that all really worth?

(per month)

Less overwhelm & self-doubt: at least an hour of lost sleep back per week! $200*

More intentional, focussed & productive: at least an hour/day more effective $3,000

Easy access to an experienced certified coach (who corporates paid $600 per conversation):  $1,250

FINALLY leading a life your love at work & at home: PRICELESS

*based on average salary mid-management level http://www.glassdoor.com.au

Try it for full 30 days, 100% risk-free

Guarantees can be complicated. But not this one. My promise is simple – if the membership doesn’t help you get unstuck and make constructive progress, contact me within 30 days of joining the membership. I’ll offer you a 100% refund on your purchase.

It’s risk-free, no questions asked and there’s no fine print involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to stay in the membership?

It’s totally up to you. You can canel your membership anytime.

What if I already have a business coach?

Fantastic! It shows you’re committed to being the best version of you you can possibly be!

Some of my members have other coaches because they want another perspective.

Usually coaches have specific methods and areas they focus on.

My area of focus is life & leadership and helping you achieve work-life harmony so that you can have a bigger impact. My method is the Intentional Achiever Method.

A business coach, for example, would coach on ads, websites, marketing.

What if my employer has assigned me a coach through work?

Fantastic! It’s great that they are investing in your development.

Usually the coach is assigned for a specific period of time and to coach around work related topics.

I coach you in whole of life.

Previously I’ve coached women who have a work coach and me as their life coach.

Whilst there’s been some cross-over, they’ve been able to leverage the different perspectives we bring, to create a richer coaching experience.

What if I can't attend an online coaching session?

That’s okay. I get it – life happens.

All sessions are recorded and available in a secure system for replay within 24 hours of the live session ending. 

Why is the membership $100 more for the first month?

Good question. As a bonus, you get the Do Stuff Differently course in the first month of the membership. 

This course contains all the underpinning knowledge you need to … do stuff differently. 

As you travel the membership journey, I refer to the principles explained in this course. 

Rather than make you buy the course first (valued at $249), I’ve included it in the membership for $100. You’re welcome!

The course is yours to keep. You just have to stay in the membership for one complete month to get lifetime access. 

How much of my time will the membership take up?

This is your journey. You do you. Spend as little time as you like in the membership. 

But seriously. If you want to lead a more intentional life and achieve work-life balance so that you can have a bigger impact, then it’s best to put in some time. 

I recommend at least attending the 1 hour group coaching session, and using your 15 minutes of 1:1 coaching every month.

And if you’ve subscribed yearly, show up for your 4 x 1 hour coaching session. You book these 4 sessions at a time that’s convenient for you.

Do I still retain access to the resources if I cancel?

No. The subscription is giving you rights to the content. Just like Netflix. You only have access while your an active member. 

However, you will retain lifetime access to the Do Stuff Differently course, if you stay in the membership for a complete month. 

And just who am I to be coaching you?

I’m Sue-Anne Higgins

Raucous laugher, coffee inhaling, wine swilling life & leadership coach. Who’s fascinated by neuroscience.

Since completing my coach training in 2016 with the Neuroleadership Institute, I’ve had over 400 hours of coaching conversations. Have 40 satisfied 1:1 clients and 200 satisfied group coaching clients.

After leading change, developing leaders and coaching in the corporate world for 20+, I decided every woman deserves to know the personal and leadership development secrets usually only available in the corporate world. And this is why I’m in business today. Sharing with you everything I know.

During my 50+ rotations around the world, I’ve consulted to 100’s of businesses (large & small). I’ve run a business (and failed). Run 2 businesses for other people (luckily, successfully). Developed 1000’s of leaders within business. Mentored and coached many leaders & small business owners.

I’ve had many ‘life events’ that gives me the street cred to know exactly how you feel.

Failed business. Successful business. Marriage breakdown. Second very successful marriage. Navigated current hubby through three life-threatening events (while staying sane- just!). Had a couple of ‘mid-life’ crises (not due another one for a while).

I’m still navigating motherhood (although kids have flown the coop), step-motherhood and grand-motherhood. 

Oh, and as an aside, I’m extremely tech savvy!

My top 5 Clifton34 strengths gives me a very unique perspective within the coaching conversation : Individualisation, Achiever, Learner, Communication, Strategic.

My superpower is to read between the lines, and bring what has been unsaid, into the conversation.  

And I’d love to be your coach & mentor. Allow me the privilege of creating a safe space for you. Help you explore self, life & work. Reconnect with who you are. So that you can lead your best life and have a bigger impact.

Sue-Anne xx

There’s only one thing left to do, my lovely…

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