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Ready To Reclaim Your Power, Your Life And Create A Legacy You’re Proud Of?

Without feeling even more overwhelmed with the growing list of stuff you’ve got to get done?

Or without the guilt of not living up to the expectation of others or the roles and labels the world has defined you by?

From the desk of Sue-Anne Higgins
Perth, Western Australia

Hey there lovely,

Do you want to be more successful at work or business?

So that you can finally feel fulfilled, valued and respected…

Do you want to manage your time better to get to the bottom of your to-do list?

So that you can free up time to do the things that are important to YOU…

And would you just LOVE to free up more time to indulge in the things that bring YOU joy?

Well, then this letter is your new best friend! 

Let me explain why…

But first, you NEED to hear this. 

It’s totally possible for you to get on top of your workload. Without adding to the overwhelm, stress and exhaustion you’re feeling right now. 

It’s also totally possible to free up time so that you can finally focus on the things YOU want. 

And it’s totally possible to live life to the fullest, to feel successful, and make the next half of your life even more meaningful.

All you need is a proven system to get focus on the next BEST step at work and in life. 

If you’re frustrated with yourself, work or with life…’s just means that you haven’t mastered the missing link in the work-life balance equation.

The mystery link that leads to success and restores work-life harmony. 

If any of this sounds like you…

“I’m just too busy right now to think about another thing…”

“If only I could manage my time better and stop overthinking things…”

“I want a bigger or better leadership role, but I feel like an imposter…”

“I want to build a better business, but I really don’t have the confidence or know what to do next…”

“I want my life to mean something. But I don’t even know where to start. What is my purpose in life?…”

“People in my life are so demanding, when is it going to be ‘my time’…”

“I’m not good enough…”

“What if I fail?…”

I Promise You, You.Are.Not.Alone

These are all the things many women tell me and I totally get it. 

Down deep inside you there’s a knowing that you were meant for more. And you have a sense of urgency.

Particularly now that you’re over 40. Every day is a day  closer to ‘retirement age’ (what ever that means!).

Heck, there’s signs all around that NOW is your time. Health scares, relationship breakdowns, disruption at work, mid-life crises now the kids have flown the coop. 

You don’t want to look back on your life with the shoulda, coulda, woulda regrets. 

You want work-life balance, so that you can lead a successful life you love AND leave a legacy that your friends and family would be proud of. 

If you’re really honest with yourself, you also want to make a difference. To have a positive impact on the people around you. 

This burning desire is not going away. There’s a quiet leader within you desperate for a change. 


For SO many years, as I worked as a highly paid corporate leadership consultant and coach, I sat back and watched women like you struggle with this work-life-legacy success dilemma. 

The problem was, I was unempowered to help. Corporates don’t invest in consultants to develop leaders into confident, content leaders that achieved work-life balance let alone one’s that build a legacy to be proud of.

They invest to develop leaders into high performers. Leaders that try harder, and achieve more for the greater good of the company.   

But at what cost? It turns them into Try-Harder Achievers increasing stress, overwhelm and worst still, leaving little energy to lead a quality successful life outside of work. 

Eventually I decided to take a stand and use my consulting and coaching powers for good. To help women leaders and business owners to shift from a try-harder achiever to an intentional achiever.

To help them take a stand themselves, to be confident, content and achieve more success at work and in life. With balance AND harmony.

So using all of my the best leadership consulting and coaching super-powers, I put together a comprehensive step-by-step successful life & leadership methodology. 

And now I want to share the strategies so that you can find your super-power too, and be successful at work and in life

You don’t have to fork out the high-end consulting fees. And you don’t have to suffer the try-harder ‘leadership coaching programs’. 


Even better still, you don’t have to ‘fake it until you make it’. 

You know what I’m talking about…. put on a façade you have this leadership AND life gig together.  

 Down deep inside, we are all trying to figure it out! 

You’re not supposed to be stressed out, pretending to be someone, that on the inside, you’re not. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

There’s a better way to do things, and I want to share with you exactly what to do. 

Once you’ve mastered the skill of identifying your ‘vital few’ that lead to success in life and work, and used your hidden super-powers to hone in on what you REALLY want,  you can achieve anything. Even work-life balance!  

Meaning… you can ditch the overthinking, overwhelm and exhaustion…

Leave behind the try-harder achiever who, lets face it, is never going to get to the bottom of the to-do list…

Become the intentional achiever successful at work and life and cracks the work-life-legacy success code.

Finally having time to focus on the things that are important to YOU.

If you’re ready stand up for yourself and be your best supporter, then I have some good news.

With your very own intentional work-life-legacy pathway built and implemented, this could be a reality faster than you think. 


This is why I created the ‘Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance’ Program

The Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance is a comprehensive, personalised program that will transform your work and life by giving you clarity on the very next BEST step!

So that you can focus on the things that are important to YOU and lead your best life

The Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance program uncovers your hidden super-powers and dives deeper into everything you need to know about that magnificently unique brain of yours so that you can truly reconnect with who you are.  

No science or psychology degree required!

This is for down-to-earth women, who value their smarts, but also want to keep it simple!

It takes you from being stuck in that people-pleasing try-harder cycle where everything is urgent and never getting to the end of your to-do list.

To being focussed and in control of your workload so that you can finally take time to consider what YOU want in life.

And the biggest bonus: You’ll kick that inner critic for six. You’ll no longer think that ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you’re not doing enough’ or that ‘you don’t know enough’. 

The Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance program is based on REAL experiences and uses PROVEN well researched strategies informed by neuroscience. 

I have refined the formula over and over again so that it creates fast result in the easiest way possible.

Normally this information is only available to my private coaching clients, but now I’m offering it for a fraction of the cost in an online course and group coaching program. 

Everything you learn can apply in your life and work for years to come!

How would it feel if you finally have a system to consistently lead an intentional life?


I’m here to tell you – it’s not only possible, I’ve mapped out the EXACT step-by-step system to show you how to finally find success at work and in life!

This is for you if…

  • You’re a woman leader at work or in the community and have a passion for inspiring and developing others.

    Or you’re a woman business owner who has a passion to serve and inspire others.
  • You want to know step-by-step how to lead a successful life and solve that work-life-legacy dilemma.
  • You want to free up time to focus on the things that are important to you.
  • You want work-life balance and more harmony in your life.
  • You know you’re meant for more.

And if you’re sick and tired of…

  • Not being able to get control of your workload.
  • Overthinking things and losing sleep at night because you can’t switch off.
  • Second guessing or doubting yourself, feeling like an imposter or not being good enough.
  • Overwhelm, stress and exhaustion.

The end result?

Having more clarity, confidence & contentment, so that you can lead the life you love and have a bigger impact!

By the end of the program, here’s what will hapen when you have implemented everything inside…

You will have tapped into the most powerful asset all leaders and business owners have…

An intentional mind that continually provides you clarity on the very best NEXT steps.

You’ll have structure in the way you think and deliver results so that you that you don’t fall into the trap of overthinking or procrastinating again.

You can start enjoying the benefits of achieving work-life balance…

Without self-doubt, guilt, feeling like an imposter, or that you’re not good enough.

Faster than you ever thought possible.

Here’s how you can have more clarity, confidence & contentment:

 Access to the complete step-by-step modules with the exact formula to achieve work-life balance.

You’ll receive Step-by-Step Video trainings, Worksheets, Templates and Guides to implement your learnings effortlessly. 

With this library of training, you’ll have all the training tools you need at your fingertips around the clock!


Let’s have a look at what you get inside…

Module 1: Reconnect With Who You Are

Explore the little known fundamentals of the brain, and why these are critically important when striving for work life balance.

  • Know exactly how to identify the vital few outcomes that really matter to work & life.
  • Identify your uniqueness and the real you. The woman you are when you’re not people pleasing or trying to live up to the expectation of others.
  • Deeply connect to why you want work-life balance and understand that magnificent mind of yours so that you can use it’s super-power to stay motivated.

Module 2: Create A Clear Work-Life-Legacy Success Path

You’ll create a clear do-able path to achieving work-life balance, proving it to yourself in simple wins every day that you can do it, and that you were meant for more! 

  • Implement my Hallmarks for Success method to break down your success into easy micro-actions.
  • Apply the little know brain-facts that will make any dream do-able.
  • Develop your work-life-legacy success path so that you know exactly what the very next BEST step is.

Module 3: Exit Your Comfort Zone With Confidence

You’ll learn creative brain hacks that will give you the courage and confidence to keep going even when the going gets tough. 

  • Use the 4-Step brain friendly approach to easily accelerate the pace that you’re moving up the exit ramp of your comfort zone.
  • Discover the hidden power within the brain that will have you paying attention on the things that matter most to you.
  • Learn how to achieve results consistently, and what that has to do with riding a bicycle.

Module 4: Think Intentionally and Tame Your Inner Critic

Repeated unhelpful thoughts become a habit. Just like driving a car, you no longer consciously think about them. Before you know it, your crappy thoughts are on autopilot. Creating your emotions and impacting your behaviour, beliefs and results.

  • Uncover your hidden thoughts and inner critic that are holding you back from getting the results you deserve.
  • Discover the secrets of social threats and fears and how you can use this knowledge as a super-power to deepen your relationships.
  • Learn 5 proven techniques to change unhelpful thinking, resolve self-doubt and stop overthinking.

Module 5: Construct Meaningful Emotion And Stay Calm Under Pressure

Emotion is an early warning system that something’s not quite right. Hone in on this beacon to circumvent emotional events escalating out of control!

  • Discover how to instantly stop emotion from flooding out of control so that you don’t say things in the heat-of-the-moment that you regret later.
  • Learn how to naturally use emotional language to communicate in a better way so that you’re positively impacting others.
  • Add 12 calming techniques to your wellbeing first-aid kit that you can apply anytime you need it.

 Module 6: Form Deliberate Habits That Empower You To Consistently Achieve Results

Now it’s time to pull all that you’ve learnt together, so that you can consistently achieve the results in your work-life-legacy success path.  

  • Apply my Wheel of Balance method to increase wellbeing & hone work-life balance even further.
  • Become more intentional in the way you implement your work-life-legacy success path so that you embed powerful habits and free up even more time.
  • Add 3 productivity techniques to your resources kit that you can easily apply anytime you feel life is getting out of control again.

(Valued at $2,495)

You Also Get These Exclusive BONUSES Worth Over $5,000 for FREE When You

When you take me up on my offer to get the Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance Program and my bonuses for free, you’re getting my best secret weapons…

my best strategies…

my best tactics…

from my time as a successful $3,500/day corporate leadership consultant & coach. 

It’s true. And what’s also true, is no matter how much information I give you…

There’s always going to be obstacles along the way!

Even the corporates knew that going it alone is a recipe for disaster. 

So I would feel a bit unethical simply giving you my course without also giving you the continued support you actually need…

To make sure your results are a huge success. 

So I’ve also included these bonuses for free…

Bonus 1: Private One-On-One Coaching

They say in therapy you follow the trail of tears to heal the past. In coaching you follow the trail of dreams. 

And because you are uniquely different, I want to help you unpack your dreams and discover the work-life-legacy success path that’s specific to you.

In this 1-hour jump-start clarity call you’ll discover what work-life balance actually means to you and the vital few activities in work and life that can deliver the work-life results your after.

You also will receive 1-hour get unstuck coaching credits. Anytime during the 12 weeks, you can use your coaching credits in 15-minute increments to get unstuck or to find further clarity.

(Valued at $1,200)

Bonus 2: Support & Implementation Program

For 12 weeks you’ll have access to fortnightly group coaching sessions online in a small group setting.

You’ll have 3 months access to additional coaching resources shared in the coaching sessions and access to the replays.

There will also be training in addition to the online course, depending on group needs.

(Valued at $1,995)

Bonus 3: Lifetime Access to World-Class Coaching Resources

Lifetime access to the curated deep-dive toolkit. It’s packed full of research articles, recommended books, podcast episodes and other resources so that you can dive deeper into the particular course module topic that your interested in.

You’ll also have lifetime access to all the worksheets, tempates and other resources I provide within the course.

(Valued at $995)

Bonus 4: Community Connection & Social Learning

You’ll have a safe space to talk about the real issues you are facing. The community of like-minded women have often had similar experiences or thought similar thoughts to you.

Inside the group coaching and the student and members only Insiders-Hub, you’ll of the opportunity to draw from the wisdom of others.

You’ll be surprised at how many times I hear my insiders say ‘I’m so glad you said that, because I feel the exact same way’. Or ‘I do that too!’.

(Valued at $1,295)

Bonus 5: Coaching-Hub Access Usually Reserved For My Private Clients

You’ll also have an easy way of contacting me and keeping track of your progress through my Coaching-Hub system.

You can keep track of your weekly actions, create your own brainstorming whiteboards, share files with me or the community, and take notes when we’re having coaching conversations.

You’ll also have a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the private and group coaching sessions, through the Coaching-Hub calendar.

Remember, this program gives you certainty about how to reclaim work-life balance.

So you can make a bigger impact

And lead a life you love.

You’ll have the tools, knowledge and know-how to…

Make better decisions about your work & life

Embed sustainable behaviours that supports work-life harmony.

Deliver consistent results professionally AND personally.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything You’re Getting When You Join Me Inside The Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance…

Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance Portal

Access to the complete step-by-step modules with the exact formula to achieve work-life balance.

You’ll receive Step-by-Step Video trainings, Worksheets, Templates and Guides to implement your learnings effortlessly.

(Valued at $2495)

Bonus 1: Private One-On-One Coaching

1-hour jump-start clarity call you’ll discover what work-life balance actually means to you and the vital few activities in work and life that can deliver the work-life results your after.

Plus additional 1-hour get unstuck coaching credits you can use in  15-minute increments to get unstuck or to find further clarity within the 12 weeks.

(Valued at $1,200)

Bonus 2: Support & Implementation Program

6 group coaching sessions online in a small group setting.

3 months access to additional group coaching resources shared in the coaching sessions and access to the replays.

(Valued at $1,995)

Bonus 3: World-class Coaching Toolkit

Lifetime access to the curated deep-dive toolkit. It’s packed full of research articles, recommended books, podcast episodes, worksheets, templates, guides and more.

(Valued at $995)

Bonus 4: Community Connection & Social Learning

A safe space to talk about the real issues you are facing. The community of like-minded women have often had similar experiences or thought similar thoughts to you.

(Valued at $1,295)

Bonus 5: Coaching-Hub Access Usually Reserved For My Private Clients

You’ll also have an easy way of contacting me and keeping track of your progress through my Coaching-Hub system.

You can keep track of coaching appointments, your weekly actions, create  whiteboards, share files, and take notes. when we’re having coaching conversations.


Amazing value, right?!

Especially considering if you were my corporate client, you would be paying at least $17,500 for this kind of leadership consulting and coaching! 

(Which is still a great deal, considering the minimum spend by corporate clients was $75k!) 

But I’m not going to make you pay anywhere near that. 

Because remember, I made a commitment to use my consulting and coaching super-powers for good…

In fact… 

Your Investment Is Going To Be Just A Fraction Of What It’s Worth

Here’s the deal…

I’ve decided to create a super special way for you to get all the above at an incredibly low investment.

Because I want to make this affordable to every woman passionate about not only improving their life, but passionate about inspiring others too. 

So if you jump in now, you’re not going to invest the corporate price-tag $17,500…

You’re not going to invest the listed value $7,680…

And you’re not even going to invest $5,000…

You can get the Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance program and all the free bonuses, at just…




(for 12 weeks)

A huge saving!

But you need to know…

Due to the personalised nature of this program…

This Offer Could Come Down At Any Moment As There Are Only Limited Spots At Any One Time & I Promote It To Over 2,000 People In My Database

So if you’re interested in jumping in there’s no time to wait…

Click the button below, fill out your details and you can get going immediately in the program.

If you’ve got to this point in this letter and are still deciding if this is for you…

I don’t want you to take my word for it that the Client Attraction Accelerator at AU$997 represents amazing value.

Check Out What Some Of My Clients Have To Say

Couldn’t get others to do what I needed them to do.

I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the notion that I couldn’t get people to do what I needed them to do, nor could I get the best out of them.

I now understand myself and others better.

Sue-Anne has the ability to bring the best out of people, help them improve and help managers do the same with their team.

I have a better work life balance, have learnt to let go and delegate job responsibility.

People I work with closely are happier, better developed and more functional. I am no longer frustrated, more relaxed at work, and at home.


Senior Manager

Stuck in a rut, unable to move forward.

I was underwhelmed with my life, professionally and personally.  I was feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. My skills were not valued and my opinions didn’t matter.

My life has changed when I acknowledged where I am and that I have the power to change my situation and move forward.  I now take time to consider, process, acknowledge and address my thoughts. 

I now have direction and believe that my goals are achievable. I’m happier and so are the people around me.


Finance Manager

Imposter syndrome & procrastination over business decisions

Having a coach, doesn’t necessarily mean they have it all worked out, rather  they have the ability to help you with perspective that you might find hard to readily grasp without some external nudges.

Working one-on-one with Sue-Anne has enabled me to have greater perspective so that I can help others.


Business owner & coach

Self-doubt and needing to ‘fix things’ at work

Sue-Anne know how a woman’s brain works.

My biggest lesson from Sue-Anne has been that I’m worthy and that we’re all on a journey.



Confidence & fear of public speaking

Sue-Anne gave me simple techniques to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Her superpower is empowering women to become more confident versions of themselves.

Sue-Anne helped me become a more confident and self assured person.



Communication issues and inability to say no!

I needed help with my communication style and the amount of work I was taking on.

Sue-Anne’s approach is different in the way she’s able to figure you out very quickly, then adapts her knowledge to guide you in the right direction.



The Best Part Is I’m With You Every Step Of The Way

This program gives you lots of access to me – through the Coaching-Hub, the private FB Group and the live calls every week.

You get to jump on live with me weekly, connect with others and ask your questions.

This is not a course where you are left to figure it out on your own – because to master the know-how, you need an expert sitting beside you.

Just like when your learning to drive a car, you master the skill quicker with an experienced driver by your side! 

21 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not fully satisfied, you can email me within 21 days and we will refund all of your money.

I want you to be completely happy and this Satisfaction Guarantee makes it completely risk-free for you.

Ready To Join?


Payment plan: 3 x 333

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete this course?

You can do it at your pace. You have 12 weeks access to the course material. If you’re still at implementation phase after 12 weeks, there is an option to join the membership and retain access.

What if I'm time-poor?

The lessons are broken down into 5-10 minute videos. The lesson and action is designed to be completed in 15 minutes.

If you’re really enjoying the topic, then there are additional resources to help you do a deeper dive.

What if I need help or clarification on the topic?

You can reach out to me via the exclusive Coaching-Hub, ask for help in the group coaching calls, or book at Get Unstuck Coaching Clarity Call. 

What if I've learnt this type of content before?

This is content with a difference. You’ll learn more about the topic by exploring it through the lens of neuroscience and how the brain works.

It’s evidence based. You’re not going to hear about the ‘lizard brain’ or the ‘monkey brain’ or the ‘reptilian brain’.

You’re going to hear facts.

But more than that, you going to apply the information as you go. There is difference between learning a topic (knowledge) and applying the knowledge (know-how).

When learning how to drive a car, you cal learn the road-rules by reading the book (knowledge). But you don’t know-how until you hop in the car and apply what you’ve learnt!

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Satisfied 1:1 Clients

satisfied group coaching clients

mugs of coffee

I’m Sue-Anne Higgins


Raucous laugher, coffee inhaling, wine swilling life & leadership coach. Who’s fascinated by neuroscience.  

After leading change, developing leaders and coaching in the corporate world for 20+, I’ve noticed how women struggle to get work-life balance right.  

And it often starts with overthinking! Which drives us harder to prove ourselves. 

On the outside, the overthinking is about work. But down deep inside it’s usually our inner critic. The problem is the repeated negative self-talk has become automated, so we don’t even realise we’re doing it. 

So lets meander up the exit ramp of your comfort zone and discover the automatic thoughts that are causing overthinking. SO that you can finally find harmony in your work and life. It’s time to claim back your life & time to finally focus on what YOU want.

Sue-Anne xx

You’re only one re-constructed thought away from breakthrough!

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