Speak confidently

Most people think that when they’re nervous about speaking on stage, or   presenting to a group of people, that that nervousness is the fear public speaking, and that they’ll never conquer that fear.  But that’s a myth.

I get it. Everyone says that it’s the fear of public speaking that makes you nervous, and that’s what you need to conquer. So it’s easy to believe.

But let me ask you, if that were true, then every time you spoke up to a group of people, even in a meeting, then you’d get nervous. That fear of public speaking would trigger you. And we know that’s not true.

There’s been plenty of occasions when you’ve shared a thought of idea to a group of people, and you didn’t get nervous.


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In fact, this belief that you’re holding on to – that you fear public speaking  – it’ll hold you back.

Because we all know those that master presenting confidently, are the ones that get noticed, that are get that next leadership position YOU wanted. Are the ones that fast track their career.

So I can hear you asking,  if it’s not public speaking you fear, then what is it?

It’s the fears that stem from self-doubt.

There are five fears stemming from self-doubt. The fear of failure, rejection, not being good enough, the fear of being judged, or being found out – often called imposter syndrome. Self-doubt is just the crappy things you’re telling yourself.


  • OMG leadership in the room, I can’t speak as good as they can. Or
  • I’m going to stuff up by forgetting what I wanted to say or by repeating myself, and my colleagues will think I’m an idiot. Or 
  • there’s so many people in the room, they’re not interested in what I have to say.

This is YOUR self talk. You create your own thoughts. And IT”S YOUR THOUGHTS that you need to conquer. Not the fear of public speaking.

So if you want to stop that self-talk and shift from self-doubt to the intentional achiever, so you can speak confidently,

The Speak Confidently card deck & worksheet will:

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  •  step framework to craft the perfect message

Speak Confidently card deck and worksheet

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