The truth about what’s holding women back

by | Apr 21, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s not lack of time or perfectionism, stress, or even overwhelm that stopping women from achieving what they want. The cold, hard truth is, it’s fear, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of being judged, fear of rejection or fear of being found out or impostor syndrome.

It’s stopping women from being clear about what they want and from achieving the life that they want. From being confident and having contentment at work and home.

But it’s not our fault. It’s the way our brain is wired.

We’re wired to respond to social threat, just like we’re wired to respond to physical threat. Fear of failure, not enough, judgement, rejection and impostor syndrome are all social threats that stems from self doubt. i

Imagine what women could achieve if we no longer suffered from these fears.

The negative automatic thoughts we tell ourselves every day will be gone. Off autopilot.

We’d no longer be overwhelmed and full of self doubt.

We’d no longer sit there in silence because we’re too scared of the ramifications, if we speak up or have a differing opinion from our partners, friends, boss or work mate.

We’d be confident in the way that we speak up and speak out and be able to have those tough conversations that we previously avoided, like the plague.

We’d be getting a dream job no longer thinking that it’s a glass ceiling glass wall or the fact that i’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, or smart enough – to get that dream job that we’ve been pining for.

We’d no longer look over with envy at someone else’s life. Dreaming about what her life looks like.

Because will have absolute clarity of what we want in the next three months, six months or five years.

And we’ll also have a solid plan on how we’re going to get there will intentionally achieve anything that we set our mind. because we have clarity, confidence and contentment at work and home.

You learn this from the intent Intentional Achiever Method from the Do Stuff Differently Effect.

You know, you no have no longer have to imagine it. It’s time to live it. Live it now. You can take your thoughts off autopilot and set reset your life by following an easy, step by step plan.

The best time for new beginnings is now. Take your thoughts off autopilot and let go of that fear.

You’re only one reconstructed thought away from breakthrough that will shift your thinking and shift your life.

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