How to improve work-life balance

10, May 22 | Wok-Life Harmony Helix, Work-Life Balance

Why work-life balance is SO illusive

Do you wish you had more time in your day to do the things important to you?

Or sometimes think that if you could just get to the bottom of your to-do list, then things would be different?

Perhaps you know you are meant for more. And if you could just get control of your work life, you could then focus on finding your purpose in life

You may be also lured into the false belief that work-life balance is all you need.

Work-life balance is a myth

Shutting down our laptop after 8 hours of work or managing your time better will not bring work-life balance.

If that were the case, we’d never find ourselves overthinking or loosing sleep over a work problem ever again.

I’m sure you’ll all remember a number of times in your life when you managed your time well and completed your to-do list in the 8 hour day, and still laid awake at night mulling over work.

And even though you may have felt like you achieved a lot in your day, down deep inside that mean girl inside your head may still be telling you crappy things. Like you’re not good enough (self-sabotage), you don’t know enough (imposter syndrome) or giving enough (mothers guilt).

And if you’re anything like the stressed-out high achieving leaders, these thoughts drive you even harder to achieve more in your day!

The #1 reason why work-life balance is so illusive – there’s a mystery missing link in the work-life equation.

How to improve work-life balance (the missing link)

The mystery missing link is self. Master self and you’ll master work-life harmony.

Let me explain.

The traditional viewpoint of work-life balance is that we spend 8 hours at work, 8 hours at life, 8 hours sleeping and the week-ends at play.

And if you take control of work, you’ll have more time for life.

But that doesn’t stop the mean girl inside your head from continuing with the self-sabotage, mothers guilt or imposter syndrome, now does it?

When you master self, work-life harmony follows. To help explain, I’ve developed the work-life helix.

Work-life helix

Think of a DNA structure, and add a third thread in. Now that you have a work-life helix in your mind, let’s unpack it more.

The three threads are work, life and self. The strands that hold it together are the nucleus of emotion.

work-life balance, work-life helix

Life helix is your outer world. It includes family, relationships, hobbies, the home environment, finances.

Work helix is the external world. It includes work relationships, the work environment, job satisfaction, wages & conditions.

Self helix is your inner world. It includes your inner critic (that mean girl in your head), your automatic sub-conscious thoughts, conscious thoughts, emotion, self-esteem.

Work-life in harmony

When everything is in harmony, as you travel along the work-life continuum, there’s a sense of balance.

What happens across the work-life continuum, one of the helix will require more energy and effort (not time).

If it requires a short burst of energy and effort, you experience eustress. This is the healthy kind of stress. It releases just the right amount of cortisol, and is proven to be motivating, which releases dopamine and the gives you the sense of achievement.

Work-life imbalance

Sustaining this energy and effort longer term is taxing on the brain. Over time it can trigger fight, flight or freeze response.

When you’ve sustained the fight, flight or freeze trigger response for some time, it releases unhelpful amounts of cortisol and adrenaline, which will eventually lead from eustress to stress and then to distress.

It may surprise you to know, overthinking and self-doubt triggers this state.

Early on in this triggered state, you’ll start experiencing emotions in an unhelpful way. They’ll get more intense. This activates your limbic system (where emotions are generated from), and the precious neurochemicals will flood to the limbic system.

The problem with this is that the pre-frontal cortex (PFC), responsible for conscious thinking & decision making will be depleted of neurochemicals.

You’re PFC is the goldilocks of the brain, and the chemicals have to be just right, for you to do your best thinking.

As you get closer to distress, the work-life helix spirals out of control.

Emotions are the nucleus of the work-life helix. Keep those in check, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving work-life harmony.

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